What is VAO? And how does it help Property Managers?

What is VAO? How does it help property managers? | AdvancedControlCorp.com

Visualize, analyze and optimize are three words that can significantly help property managers manage building operations through automated software, keeps your building running efficiently.

Building automation through VAO is one of the best investments a business can make in order to manage all parts of the business. By making the most of the energy used through some of the best proprietary software, Advanced Control Corporation can convert data into intelligence that can be acted on.

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Making it easy for companies to pick out which parts are functioning well while also noticing where they can save money through inefficiencies. By using VAO programs that allow for building automation, companies can reduce facility operations costs and operate at a more efficient level.

Advanced Control Corporation, a leader in building automation, energy management, systems integrations, access control and CCTV solutions since 1987. They believe that it is cool to be green and because of that, they have become an industry leader.

How Does VAO Work?

VAO is a set of building automation systems that visualize, analyze and optimize the way a building system works. The software is integrated at both cloud and web levels with a diagnostic system that is automated, making it incredibly easy for companies to notice problems such as inefficiencies and degradation.

This type of system also offers recommendations for improvement, ultimately diagnosing any problems and giving options on how to fix them and make them better. These building automation systems are continuously working looking at performance in the long and short term while consolidating information.

Advanced Control Corp is top of the line when it comes to the building automation analytics and the engines that are used for artificial intelligence allowing the processing of data to be continuous, not allowing for mistakes of lapses in data collection. The artificial intelligence focuses on diagnosing and identifying equipment errors, operation improvements, trends of the system and energy use.

Because of the continuous monitoring, if anything goes wrong an alarm is sent to the company, notifying them of the error and allowing for improvements and quick repairs if needed.

This specific VAO software system is operated with automatic fault detection and diagnosis. This means that a daily report is run looking at diagnostics and performance data. Advanced Control Corp works with businesses to review findings and guide businesses towards operational needs to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Because Advanced Control Corp offers managed services, they can also completely run the VAO software, completely taking it off the hands of the property managers and customizing it to the specific needs of the business. ACC has an expert team that monitors each set of building automation systems prioritizing findings and making sure that each stakeholder has an understanding of what is happening.

How VAO Can Help:

Because VAO works with an automated fault detection system, companies will be able to reduce the cost of energy from major equipment within a range of 15 – 30 %. At the same time

VAO building automation can:

  • Reduce all energy costs
  • Create a building that is both environmentally friendly and high performing
  • Point out hidden inefficiencies and costs
  • Optimize the performance of operations
  • Account for assets within the company
  • Forecast future demands
  • Allow stakeholders to foresee financial risks

As technology advances, the ability to predict things within building analytics becomes easier. Allow Advanced Control Corporation to help you help your building operations by saving on energy costs, becoming greener and overall having an easier operations system.

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