Access & Elevator Control Systems

Access & Elevator Control Systems _

Access & elevator control systems in buildings are excellent ways to ensure all systems are running smoothly and safely.

Security automation through Advanced Control Corporation addresses the comfort, safety, and security of the building and those who are in it. No matter large or small, access control systems streamline operations with accuracy giving customers the best solutions for building automation.

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Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in building automation, energy management, system integrations, access control, and CCTV solutions. Since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation has worked their way to the top successfully becoming part of some of the most respected projects in this market. Caring not only about access control systems but also ensuring:

  • Quality implementation
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Expert System Integration
  • Cost-Effective Energy Management
  • Innovative Building Systems

Advanced Control Corporation works hard to preserve the environment helping customers seek eco-friendly services and products, keeping green procedures in their roots. Advanced Control Corp. works with customers on an array of services but here we will be outlining elevator control systems as a part of the overall access control system.

Elevator Control System

Many buildings have mixed-use and mixed-tenants, making it not necessary for everyone to have access to every floor and door. By implementing elevator control systems through access control, companies are able to limit cardholders to accessibility to the floors that they are required to be on or need to access.

Having a good access control system can be especially important in high-rise and multi-tenant facilities, allowing all inhabitants of the building the best security. By securing access to elevators, buildings are able to reduce the risk of theft and damage to the structure of the building, and the things inside. Elevator access control is also an effective way to limit, or stop unwanted traffic through the building. The best features of elevator access control include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Ability to control all floors and elevator access within the building, adapting and expanding to the needs to the building and the individuals inside
  • Ability to have a stand-along access control operation system that also includes video surveillance
  • Ability to make floors accessible only to specific cardholders, set by the system administrator

When looking at video surveillance options, Advanced Control Corporation offers Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) which is a technology of transmitting signals from video cameras to specified monitors located at a certain location. CCTV allows building operators to monitor and record movements within the building for a wide range of purposes.

When making the decision to work with Advanced Control Corporation, you are allowing your company and building to work with not only an experienced company but also one that is an expert in the field. ACC will analyze the building’s access control requirements and develop a specialized plan that will help with access control but also overall security.

Security Automation Services

Giving your company the opportunity to make the building fully integrated with a building automation system through Advanced Control Corporation can help in the management of the business and overall security. The security measures start with building access, CCTV and elevator access control. Allowing businesses to reduce security risks and prevent loss and damage to property and information.

Through understanding that customers come first, Advanced Control Corporation helps customers devise and implement security solutions for each and every need. This happens through best practices and training for operating a secure building management system.

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