How to Implement Building Automation Solutions for Commercial Buildings

building automation solutions

Let automation from Advanced Control give you a full range of building controls.

You can create the ideal environment for your commercial property when you use commercial building control solutions.

Our building automation solutions provide effective tools that can make building management tasks easy to perform and allow for a full range of operations.

Your management team can have complete access to all systemic processes within your building and also your outside property.

Commercial Building Control Solutions

Now you can create a physical work environment that is conducive to success. When all systemic processes are operating correctly, efficiency and productivity increase.

With the proper building controls, you can be sure that your building’s mechanical parts and equipment, like elevators and escalators, are operating correctly.

Our building automation solutions that control occupancy lighting, water usage, and your HVAC system, also help to improve performance and reduce utility usage and costs.

Having commercial building control solutions in place is a smart business decision that cannot only improve your work environment but can also increase the value of your property. Plus, having a properly operating workplace in the desired attraction to potential tenants, employees and visitors.

Here at Advanced Control Corporation, we design and build automation systems that are unique to your property and business needs.

We can create a system from the ground up or retrofit building automation solutions to your existing operation. Our integrated building controls system works as a seamlessly unified entity that incorporates all your systemic systems into one smooth operation.

With the use of our open protocol software, your managers can monitor and collect data, retrieve archived data, share information, provide feedback, and engage in all systemic operations.

This open protocol system is an important process for systemic operations that should be unified to provide optimum management performance and safety. Such systems would include your lighting, security, and fire/smoke systems that work in unison during critical times and events.

Commercial building control solutions provide great management tools to assist in managing your building controls systems, such as:

  • Security system
  • Lighting system
  • HVAC system
  • Plumbing system
  • Detection devices
  • Override systems
  • Fire/smoke system
  • Energy management
  • Meters, submeters, sensor devices
  • Access control system

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Building Automation Solutions

Building controls are applied to visible processes like access gates and automatic lighting, as well as not so obvious processes that are hidden within your infrastructures like energy monitoring and HVAC management.

Most of your systemic operations are performed behind the scenes, but your managers will be able to monitor these operations in real-time, and also receive trending data for analysis. This data provides essential information that is needed to make accurate management decisions.

Our commercial building control solutions operate from one centralized location that your management team can access via desktop, laptop, or mobile device, whether they are on the location or off-site.

Your managers can review real-time security monitoring to assess all activity that is taking place within your building and outside property.

They can also review the systemic process to determine if there are glitches in any given system that may need correction, before deteriorating into system failure.

You can discover for yourself how our building automation solutions provide improved performance, preventive maintenance, enhanced productivity, comfort and safety, and cost-effective savings on operating costs.

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