Benefits to Converting Commercial Properties to Intelligent Buildings

intelligent buildings

Find a leader of corporate building services in Florida when you partner with Advanced Control.

Intelligent buildings use high-quality resources to create a more energy-efficient and healthier environment.

To get the best out of your commercial building, you should consider corporate building services that will enhance your systemic operations and save you money on operating costs.

Advanced Control Corporation has been building intelligent systems for many of Florida’s commercial structures for many years.

Building Intelligent Systems

If you are looking for corporate building services for your property, you have come to the right place.

We are experts at building intelligent systems that not only improve each systemic process in your building but also create an integrated system where all processes work together synergistically to enhance overall operations.

Our corporate building services create a sustainable infrastructure that can benefit you for many years to come.

Our intelligent building services include designing and building energy conservation techniques that create a more energy-efficient system by reducing waste and also utilizing energy in an intelligent and resourceful way.

Our intelligent buildings are scalable to include any future changes or additions so that your system can always remain upgraded without limitations.

Your intelligent building begins with our expert team inspecting your property to determine what building requirements are needed.

Then we carefully design a unique system specific to your building and business needs, before duplicating it on-site. We leave nothing to chance but ensure that you have corporate building services specific to your desires.

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Intelligent Buildings

You will be delighted by the variety of benefits that building intelligent systems bring, such as:

• With building intelligent systems, you can reduce waste and energy usage that can substantially decrease rising energy costs.

• Corporate building services ensure that all intelligent building systems are compliant with city and state building codes and regulations.

• Green building solutions also utilize recyclable materials, energy conservation, and water recycling that improves sustainability and reduces operating costs by as much as 40 percent.

• Intelligent buildings are a great amenity for attracting potential tenants who are willing to pay more rent for quality services, plus it also increases the value of your property.

• Building intelligent systems create enhanced energy efficiency by sealing interior space with improved building materials and techniques.

Your building’s thermal environment can remain sustained, and waste virtually eliminated, by using high-performance windows and improved insulation in walls, floors, and ceilings.

• Efficient water management is another great benefit of intelligent buildings. Utilizing automatic faucets and flush toilets help to rein in water waste, as does greywater recycling techniques.

• Building intelligent systems also mean creating a healthy indoor environment that is free from toxic gases and other pollutants, reducing sick days for employees.

Your system can also enhance productivity by retaining a comfortable set temperature point and removing stale air, odors, and humidity.

• Cost-effective electrical devices and the use of LED light bulbs can make a direct impact on lighting costs.

Our corporate building services include utilizing advanced switching systems, electrical storage systems, automation devices, photovoltaic panels, and schedules.

It’s never too late to begin incorporating advanced technologies to improve your commercial property.

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