Importance of Energy Management in Commercial Buildings

Energy Management in Commercial Buildings

Energy management systems use energy intelligently and efficiently.

The importance of energy management should be a primary concern of any commercial property owner or manager. Energy usage creates a large percentage of operating costs for commercial structures.

The high cost of energy can be reined in by using intelligent energy management techniques, and our energy management systems help commercial property owners achieve energy efficiency and reduced costs.

The Importance of Energy Management

Energy management systems are the bedrock of wise energy usage, and energy conservation projects that reduce waste and utility costs. You can realize the importance of energy management improvement after installing our smart energy management techniques.

If you are interested in applying dynamic energy management techniques to your commercial structure, you have come to the right place.

Advanced Control Corporation can build energy management systems from the ground up, or incorporate one into your existing energy grid. We can apply energy management techniques to your energy network without disturbing your daily work environment.

Commercial property owners realize the importance of energy management practices that will keep their costs down, enhance the value of their property, and maximize energy usage.

Our team of experts can provide you with a progressive energy management system that can meet all your energy needs.

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Energy Management Systems 

Advanced Control Corporation builds energy management systems that are adaptable to include new future additions, platforms, and changes that can occur as your business evolves.

Our intelligent energy management techniques are designed to meet city and state building codes and regulations and also work synergistically with your entire energy network.

We will oversee the project implementation of your new energy system from start to finish, to assure that every aspect of your system is installed and operating properly.

To assist you and authorized personnel, we also provide operational support and training both on-site and off. We also provide maintenance and repair services if you don’t have the personnel available to serve those important functions.

The importance of energy management and its benefits can be applied to many infrastructure operations, such as:

  1. The HVAC system, which receives intelligent energy techniques that restructure sequencing processes, and also assists in retaining proper set-points for indoor thermal and humidity levels. Other processes like air pressure, ventilation, and air quality, are also enhanced to retain their proper balance.
  2. The lighting system, which is another costly commodity of commercial structures that can reach up to 44 percent of energy consumption. The importance of energy management is evident when you can achieve a 25 percent reduction in energy usage with advanced energy techniques. Waste is reduced and efficiency improved by using occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting techniques, scheduled lighting, zone lighting, and LED lightbulbs.

The use of intelligent energy management relies on our IT software technology with web-based graphical interfaces. Our software makes energy grid examinations an easy task. Your managers can easily access data to monitor and analyze energy performance whether they are on-site or off.

With simple programming tools, your managers can adjust energy performance to optimize energy usage anywhere in the energy grid.

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