How to Implement Commercial Building Control Solutions

Commercial Building Control Solutions

Learn how building control systems can enhance building management.

Are you aware of how commercial building control solutions can increase infrastructure efficiency while also reducing operating costs?

You can greatly enhance your building’s systemic operations so that they perform better, and also reduce waste and excess utility usage with our building control systems.

Building Controls and Services

Advanced Control Corporation designs and installs commercial building control solutions that are unique to your commercial structure, business needs, and budget.

We can provide your management team with the tools they need to monitor all real-time infrastructure activities taking place in your building and outside property. Managers will have the power to control every situation that may arise and requires immediate attention.

Our building control systems can be built from the ground up or we can retrofit upgrades to your existing system. We can build a singular entity or provide an integrated system that shares information and provides feedback from all your systemic operations.

Integrated building control systems provide your managers with a seamless check and balance arrangement that offers data and solutions for all systemic processes.

Your managers can easily access your system via desktop, laptop, or mobile device whether they are onsite or off.

Our commercial building control solutions software offers an open protocol system that allows information to be shared with clients and manufacturers, giving your managers total control of your building’s systemic processes.

Our building controls and services include preventive maintenance, operational support, on-site and remote training, repair and replacement, software upgrades, emergency services, and scheduled inspections.

You can rely on us to provide you with the necessary building controls and services that will keep your infrastructure functioning effectively.

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Commercial Building Control Solutions

Our building control systems can cover every aspect of your building’s systemic process, including:

Lighting System – You can enjoy enhanced lighting management that delivers improved performance, cost reduction, utility monitoring, and added security to your property.

Commercial building control solutions employ the use of switching applications, motion detectors, dimmers, etc. You can also control lighting processes through zoning and scheduling applications that turn on or shut off lighting, and also with the use of illumination sensors that determine the degree of illumination to be used.

Security System – Building security is greatly enhanced with an integrated building control system that provides a blanket of monitoring around your property and inside your building.

Closed-circuit tv (CCTV) and the digital video recording can be viewed by your management team in real-time or archived data. Our systems use special cameras with distinct features, such as thermal imaging, zoom control for facial recognition, license plate capture, pan/tilt/ zoom cameras and more.

All monitoring and recording data includes camera location, time, date, and event – providing a comprehensive security plan.

Energy Management – Our building controls and services also includes energy monitoring and management of your building’s power grid and operations.

Energy management monitors power switching controls, electrical products and devices, power thresholds and much more.

Your managers can assess energy usage, performance, problems, other details of your power grid, and provide solutions and changes at will.

Plus, managers will be able to determine where and how excess energy usage can be curtailed.

You can get commercial building control solutions for your property from a company you can trust.

Our engineers provide comprehensive building automation and control systems that will be an asset to your business.

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