Benefits to Affordable Green Building Solutions

green building solutions

Get green building solutions for a sustainable future with the help of Advanced Control.

Environmentally friendly buildings are becoming the new normal in commercial construction. To achieve a more sustainable and profitable future for your company and environment, you need green building solutions.

Advanced Control Corporation is one of the leaders among green building companies in South Florida that can help you attain improved systemic operations in your commercial structure.

Environmentally Friendly Buildings

If you are building a new commercial structure or want to renovate an existing one, now is the time to install green building solutions to your building’s infrastructure.

You can help to conserve the environment and nonrenewable resources by upgrading your structure with green building solutions that also lower your carbon footprint.

Environmentally friendly buildings all share the same great benefits that improve their building’s systemic processes while also lowering their operating costs. Green technology helps to increase energy efficiency, minimize waste, and reduce water, gas and electric usage.

By providing lifetime sustainability of your building’s infrastructure, green solutions also help to reduce the need for maintenance, repair, and replacement costs on equipment. It is easy to evaluate the huge success of green building solutions by considering these advantages:

1. A safe and healthy indoor environment is one of the best features of environmentally friendly buildings. The use of non-toxic, natural building materials like wood, cork, and bamboo, helps to eliminate the release of harmful gases into the air.

Also using low-volatile organic compounds with minimal amounts of irritants and toxins creates a safer indoor environment for building inhabitants. Environmentally friendly buildings also use quick-drying construction materials that inhibit moisture, mold and mildew growth.

2. Water efficiency is another fine feature of green solutions that helps to conserve this precious natural resource by using it wisely. Rainwater harvesting collects water that can be used for a variety of purposes or stored for future use.

Greywater recycling can be used for ground irrigation that provides a beneficial source of fertilizer for trees, plants, and lawns. Automation devices for faucets and toilets that use a minimal amount of water, can be used indoors to conserve water usage and save thousands of gallons of wastewater per year.

3. Green building solutions also apply to your building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and indoor environment. Green technology helps to maintain indoor temperature set-points and air quality, by utilizing effective insulation and high-performance windows that create an air-tight interior space.

4. Energy efficiency is another dynamic aspect of environmentally friendly buildings. Solar energy and energy management systems can help to reduce energy costs and provide your commercial structure with a more efficient and adequate energy system.

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Green Building Companies

If you are searching green building companies to find an industry leader, look no further.

Advanced Control Corporation has a proven track record of providing green building solutions to South Florida’s commercial buildings.

Our engineers can design and build a customized system for your structure that is affordable and beneficial to your success.

You can enjoy a cleaner, safer indoor environment with green building tools that provide a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly building infrastructure.

If you want to upgrade your existing system, we can apply retrofits that will improve systemic performance and also help to reduce operating costs.

You can join the ranks of other environmentally friendly buildings in South Florida by contacting Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.