Keys to Finding Solutions for Building Automation Systems

building automation systems

Find building controls that improve property management.

Are you successfully managing your commercial property or is there room for improvement?

If you have not assessed your building automation system’s performance in a while, you may be missing vital information that reveals a need for building automation solutions.

With continuous innovations in automation technology and mechanical systems, the experts at Advanced Control Corporation can show you how to apply current building automation solutions to improve your building controls system.

Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems are the hub of building controls for commercial properties. They are the centralized source of power from which your management team operates, to direct all systemic processes that occur on your property.

Systems that are controlled by building automation systems include lighting, heating, air, ventilation, energy, security, electrical, plumbing, and more.

An effective building control system can improve systemic efficiency, provide comfort to building occupants, apply security measures, reduce energy consumption, engage recycling and conservation techniques, improve utility sustainability, and lower operating costs.

If your infrastructure is not operating at its maximum potential, then you need the effective building automation solutions that we can provide.

Advanced Control Corporation has been leading the way in South Florida’s building automation systems since 1987. Our expertise includes the design, installation, and support of automation systems that provide your commercial property with building automation solutions that can maximize your business potential. We can improve the performance of critical processes that run your systemic infrastructure, and provide you with vital support and maintenance.

Building automation solutions include electrical building controls that employ analog and digital sensors that use pressure, vibrations, pulses, temperature, humidity, resistance, switches, algorithms, and electrically operated relays.

These vital building automation solutions not only improve overall efficiency and production but also assist in identifying difficulties and equipment faults before they grow into more serious problems.

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Building Automation Systems Installation

We can design and install your building automation system from the ground up, or integrate upgrades or replacements into your existing operation.

Our team of experts will examine your property and customize your project so that it fits the needs and requirements of your business, building, schedule, and budget. We can also assist in helping you evaluate the economic feasibility of building automation systems renovations.

Automation solutions also include our proprietary software system (VAO) along with a master plan for a web-based open protocol system.

Your managers will be able to convert data into active intelligence that enhances and prioritizes management processes. All infrastructure systems will be integrated at the cloud and web levels, with cross-platform data sharing and feedback.

Our IT systems management provides a continuous process of data monitoring and storage, analytics and diagnostics, real-time viewing, and alert systems.

Your managers will be empowered to command complete and efficient building controls processes that will benefit your company in many ways.

Once your building automation system is installed and operating, we will continue to work with you by providing essential monthly reports and equipment reviews. We also provide on-site or remote training, maintenance, and support services.

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