Benefits of Using Preventive Maintenance Service

preventive maintenance service

System upgrades can improve the efficiency and sustainability of your property.

Our preventive maintenance service is performed regularly at your facility to maintain all infrastructure operations. With preemptive maintenance, there is less of a chance of equipment failures that can lead to costly repairs and shutdowns.

As a form of insurance to protect the status quo, our preventive maintenance service and system upgrades also provide you with a wealth of benefits.

Preventive Maintenance Service

Our preemptive maintenance goal is to keep all your infrastructure equipment performing properly and reducing the chance of any problems from developing.

We also strive to maintain a level of sustainability by reducing stress, and wear and tear, on mechanical parts and systems. We understand that your business is directly impacted by the smooth operation of all systemic processes, and any critical problem could severely affect production.

Operations that are suitable for preemptive maintenance include:

• Systems that have a critical operational function

• Equipment that can weaken or fail after a specific amount of use

• Processes that are sustained by regular preventive maintenance service

• Equipment that is affected by environmental conditions

Preemptive maintenance service also addresses security concerns by performing periodic check-ups. This practice assures that your security system is operating properly and that all areas of surveillance are covered.

Other areas of concern involve systems that are worn by environmental conditions that erode the structure or are prone to material damage after a specific time of use.

It is also important to apply preventive maintenance service to your IT infrastructure, where even the smallest issue can prevent your employees from performing their job.

You might want to add system upgrades to assure that all vital data is stored in an area that is not affected by breakdowns in IT operations.

If your building does not have a back-up generator that supports your building’s infrastructure when there is a power failure, you may want to seriously consider adding this system upgrade.

A power outage can cause damage to certain materials and substances that can only be kept secure in specific temperature environments.

Scientific and medical operations are known to have a back-up generator in reserve for power outages. You must determine if your facility should have this system upgrade also.

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Preemptive Maintenance

Our expert team at Advanced Control Corporation can inspect your facility to determine what areas of preventive maintenance service is needed.

We will create a preemptive maintenance checklist that may include:

1. Maintenance of IT operations that address hardware and software equipment and processes.

2. Building and elevator access control systems.

3. Security surveillance, monitoring and recording systems.

4. Power and electrical grid systems.

5. Building automation system

6. Recycling and energy management systems.

7. Heating, air conditioning, air quality, circulation and exhaust systems.

8. Fire and smoke controls system.

9. Utility monitoring systems.

The adage “you are only as strong as your weakest link” applies to the need for preventive maintenance. To protect your investment, we offer affordable maintenance and service plans that provide:

• On-site and remote training and support

• System application and operational support

• Repair and replacement services

• Scheduled inspections

• Emergency services

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