Benefits of Finding Renewable Energy Solutions for Commercial Buildings

renewable energy solutions

Learn why green building technology is vital to our business success.

The nature of energy usage is changing dramatically with new innovations that include automation systems and devices.

With renewable energy solutions, commercial building owners can reduce overall operating costs and streamline their infrastructure operations at the same time.

Integrated building automation systems can incorporate renewable energy services, and enable the electric grid to function more effectively with renewable energy solutions.

Green Building Technology

Good management of commercial buildings requires the use of renewable energy services that provide solutions and sustainability measures that can benefit both your company and the environment.

The use of utility monitoring enables your managers to optimize energy usage and enhance the overall performance of systemic operations. The experts at Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with renewable energy services that can significantly eliminate waste and maximize the effectiveness of your building’s energy usage.

You can secure the future of your company by providing it with the energy-saving strategies that we provide through our green building technology.

With renewable energy solutions, your building’s systemic processes will function within a specific set-point range of operation that controls energy usage.

We utilize a variety of tools and devices to achieve the desired set-points of operations, such as meters, sub-meters, sensors, scheduling, etc. Set-points are safeguarded by detection devices to determine if there is any breach in the selected range of operations.

If a breach is discovered, your automation system will immediately alert your managers of the inconsistency so that they can take steps to address the problem before it gets out-of-hand and a costly shut-down is imminent.

You can discover how effective our renewable energy services are as you experience an increase in efficiency and production while reducing energy usage and costs.

Green building technology is the wave of the future that has taken hold of new construction laws, codes, materials, and smart cities engineering. We can provide you with renewable energy solutions that can be managed through web-based applications.

Our utility monitoring services can provide your management team with vital information about how energy is being utilized throughout your building and outside property. With real-time and archived data, your team can analyze and re-adjust systemic operations to enhance energy effectiveness.

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Renewable Energy Services

Advanced Control Corporation provides proprietary software with a user-friendly graphical interface, that is easily accessed via computer workstation, laptop, mobile devices, and cloud technology.

Our software provides intuitive navigation features and provides feedback from other platforms and programs. With dynamic color graphics, your managers can easily compartmentalize and identify specific areas of operation, locations, and clients.

Color displays reveal real-time monitoring data for each segment and enable managers to adjust processes with relevant feedback. All data relating to your building’s systemic operations can be accessed whether you or your managers, are on-site or off, allowing for 24/7 management capability.

Areas of applicable renewable energy solutions include:

  • Electrical operations
  • Lighting system
  • Production areas
  • Access control
  • Elevator access
  • Chiller plant
  • HVAC system
  • CO2 monitoring
  • Fire and smoke systems
  • Conservation strategies
  • Tenant override
  • Video surveillance
  • Security and alarm systems

With our green building technology, we can help you enhance your building’s systemic processes and reduce energy inefficiency and costs.  We can create renewable energy solutions for your structure that are scalable and flexible to allow for future changes and additions.

Our experts can design and build a system from the ground up or retrofit your existing system. We can examine your property to determine what green building technology should be used that will appropriately address your building’s needs and budget. We also specialize in LEEDS certification that is achieved through specific green building technology.

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