Keys to Managing Intelligent Buildings

intelligent buildings

Improve your building’s infrastructure with smart building solutions from Advanced Control.

Do you need help with your day to day business management operations?

If so, we have great news for you. Advanced Control Corporation can create an ideal building management system to meet your business needs. We specialize in the design and creation of intelligent buildings that operate with advanced IT, mechanical, and technical support.

You can learn the keys to managing intelligent buildings for yourself with an exclusive building management system.

Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent buildings are the buzzword for smart building initiatives that improve the systemic operations of commercial buildings. To properly manage your building’s operation, an integrated building management system should be installed.

Once set into place, your management team will have the ability to monitor and manage every area of your building’s interior and also its outside property.

You managers can access real-time monitoring operations as they occur, and also review archived data for analysis. Trouble-shooting for inconsistencies and problems are simple and can help to avert costly and timely shut-downs for repairs.

Intelligent buildings are created to improve infrastructure operations and work with your building management system to share data and receive feedback.

The locus of intelligent buildings’ operations is the centralized hub of an integrated building management system.

At this command center, business managers have the power to control all infrastructure systems that are vital to a company’s daily operation. Managers can easily access vital data via a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, whether they are on-site or off.

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Smart Building Benefits

Smart building technology is on the rise, increasing at a steady pace and smart city development and the Internet of Things are also impacting the future of smart building initiatives across the U.S.

How it can positively affect building operations and business growth should be an important consideration of every business owner.

Intelligent buildings can be created with new construction or with advanced retrofits on existing structures that include automation and control technologies. Some trending technologies to look for include:

  • If a smart building infrastructure has not been installed during the initial construction, it can be introduced through wireless networks such as Wi-Fi. Wireless technologies allow for infrastructure systems to be placed in the Cloud, along with storage and data management. Wireless technology averts the need to open up walls and floors to upgrade infrastructure systems, and also eliminates the need and cost of the copper wire installation.
  • Prioritized maintenance is another key component in intelligent buildings. Systemic operations can be monitored and managed in real-time, and archived data can be analyzed to determine pre-existing performance activity. This data leverages your management team’s ability to determine product and system failures before they occur, saving money on costly repair bills and lost production time.
  • Biometric integration is another growing field of intelligent buildings’ operations that uses sensors to detect and trigger the control of lighting and thermal comfort inside buildings. The sensors can read the biometric data of building inhabitants and alter lighting and temperature output to create a comfortable interior environment that supports circadian rhythms, enhances cognitive functions, reduces stress, and increases productivity. Work and sleep spaces can be optimized through biometric integration for hospitals, office buildings, schools, etc.

Our team of experts can retrofit your building with all the key components of intelligent buildings, including an integrated building management system.

Our systems are scalable, and allow changes and additions for future growth potential.

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