Installing an Elevator Access Card System in Your Building

Elevator Access Card System

Learn how installing an elevator access card system from Advanced Control protect lives and property.

Considering today’s high crime rate, it may be time for you to reinvent your commercial building’s security system.

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your property and human life.

To ensure that you are up to date on the latest building safety systems, you may want to integrate an elevator access control system into your existing security scheme.

Elevator Access Card System

Crime in South Florida has escalated significantly according to a new report out of Washington, D.C. Cities receiving the highest scores for the worst crime are Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Hialeah, and Pembroke Pines.

The increase in crime has motivated many property owners to assess their current security system status, and begin to install newer technology and products that can improve safety measures all around.

One of our improved building safety systems is our state-of-the-art elevator access card system, which can add an additional layer of security control to your commercial structure.

Our elevator access control systems can be stand-alone entities, or the much-preferred integrated system, which is connected to your building management system that includes the fire alarm system and surveillance system.

Having an integrated elevator access card system provides intelligent solutions to today’s rising crime problem. Rather than just let anyone enter your building and roam around wherever they please, you can have the power to determine if and where they may or may not enter.

Using advanced technology, the personal elevator access card is issued to employees, tenants, and guests to limit their range of movement within the confines of your commercial structure.

Each card has embedded data that determines which areas are permissible for the elevator access cardholder to enter. The card can be scanned in the card reader located in your elevators to determine which floors are off-limits to the cardholder.

Elevator access control systems help to deter roaming and snooping throughout your building and accessing restricted areas, property, and IT systems. Due diligence should be performed by company managers to ensure the safety of human life and also protect assets, resources, and property.

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Building Safety Systems

Advanced Control Corporation has an array of building safety systems and products that will improve your building’s security.

Our experts can perform a thorough examination of your property to determine where vulnerabilities lie, and what type of building safety systems would best suit your needs.

Our team can design and build a new system, or retrofit upgrades into your existing system. Elevator access control systems can integrate multiple elevators in your building into one seamless operation with data sharing and feedback controls.

Your management team can have all the power they need to steer human traffic through your building in a safe, effective and humane way. Plus, employees and tenants are appreciative of the added security measures that you provide.

And you can appreciate that a comprehensive building safety system can increase your property’s value, and also attract new tenants and employees to your workplace. Criminal intent can often be averted with affordable, intelligent security measures.

To assure that your building is brought up to date with the latest security system, or learn more about our elevator access card, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.