How Building Light Control Systems Can Improve Safety and Efficiency

building light control systems

Get the facts about intelligent building features with the help of Advanced Control.

You can improve your building light control systems with intelligent building features.

Today’s cutting-edge technology is making a huge impact on how building infrastructure works and provides positive benefits for you.

With lighting systems being one of the major costs for commercial properties, it is a smart business decision to learn how you can cut costs and improve efficiency.

Don’t be left in the dark about the positive advantages of intelligent building features.

Building Light Control Systems

Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in bms lighting control systems. Our team of experts can upgrade your building light control systems by integrating new and advanced intelligent building features that can improve lighting control and reduce utility usage.

These changes can reduce lighting costs by up to 30 percent while improving the efficacy of lighting throughout your building interior and outside property.

Many commercial structures are using a higher level of lighting than is necessary, and are lighting areas that are unoccupied, creating an abundance of waste and high costs.

With a bms lighting control system you can properly manage specific zones for lighting based on scheduling, which includes times of the day, weekends and holidays.

When your building is unoccupied, your system can shut down lighting in areas that are not being used.

Automated intelligent building features, such as occupancy sensors, are also useful for determining when areas are occupied or not and will adjust lighting accordingly. There is no reason to have lights on when they are not needed.

The level of lighting in your commercial building is another area of concern. Some buildings are over-lit, and this causes unnecessary energy usage and higher lighting costs.

Over-lit lighting, or light pollution, can have a negative effect on employees and reduce their productivity. Over-illumination can cause headaches, stress, anxiety, fatigue, hypertension, and suppress melatonin production.

You can put a stop to light pollution by installing one of our bms lighting control systems. Your workplace will be healthier, more efficient, and lighting costs can be reduced to the minimum.

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BMS Lighting Control Systems

Advanced Control Corporation can create a BMS lighting control system that will work to your advantage. Our team can assess your property to determine the most effective way to improve your property’s lighting both indoors and out.

Building light control systems can reduce waste, produce sufficient lighting without over-illumination, improve productivity, and reduce energy costs.

Our team can provide intelligent solutions for ineffective lighting systems with an improved, scalable BMS lighting control system.

Your facility managers can control both the use of electric lighting and daylight supplementation from their desktop, laptop or mobile device whether they are on-site or off. Lighting can be lowered during peak sunlight periods, and increased during low sunlight periods, keeping the lighting scale and usage to the ideal minimum.

Our building light control systems can automatically engage lighting when areas become occupied or shut down when areas become unoccupied.

For safety concerns, exits, ramps, walkways, stairways, parking garages and lots can also be easily controlled with BMS lighting control systems. Integrating your security system with your building light control systems may also help to deter crime by flooding any breached area with illumination.

We can help you become more energy efficient by creating lighting control that is unique to your business needs and building requirements. We create new systems from the ground up, or retrofit intelligent building features into your existing system.

Retrofitting can be done in stages to work with your budget, and we also provide maintenance services if you need them.

If you are interested in upgrading your building’s lighting system or creating a new one, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.