Why Advanced Automation is the Future for Commercial Buildings

advanced automation

Learn how your building’s automated systems improve systemic operations.

Isn’t it time you discovered the many benefits of building automation systems?

If your commercial building is not fitted with advanced automation, you are missing out on many good perks that could save you money and enhance efficiency and productivity.

Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in providing building automation systems in South Florida since 1987. We can provide you with the solutions you need to manage your building’s operations successfully.

Advanced Automation

Advanced automation is the wave of the future for many reasons, most notably because of its sustainability achievements.

Automated systems provide the checks and balances that make your building operate effectively while reducing waste and unnecessary energy usage.

It helps to sustain your infrastructure operations, protect mechanical and technical systems, maintain set-points, provide safety measures, troubleshoot for problems, and reduce utility costs.

Our team of experts can design and build exclusive building automation systems from the ground up, or retrofit enhancements on existing systems.

We have your best interests at heart and can help you solve many systemic problems that may be costing you more money and undermining efficiency and potential capability.

To assist in maximizing your building’s operations, and your success, we provide many valuable services, including:

• Building automation systems

• Advanced system integration

• Cost-effective energy management

• Quality application and execution of automated systems

• Comprehensive services

• User-friendly management system software

With comprehensive advanced automation, your managers will have the ability to monitor and manage your entire operation at the touch of their fingertips via desktop, laptop or mobile devices.

They can access real-time activity, analyze archived data, and adjust any area they deem necessary. We use the latest intuitive automated systems technology so that you can achieve your goals easily and successfully.

Our integrated building automation systems allow your managers to share information and provide feedback. Our building automation systems software uses dynamic color graphics that provide:

• Intuitive animation design

• Customized color schemes specific to locations/clients

• Incorporates other system platforms

• Integrated with your security and CCTV functions and display streaming video

• Provide an advanced software platform with dynamic capabilities

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Automated Systems

You can discover for yourself how our advanced automation system provides key solutions that unlock infrastructure potential.

Your managers can realize the full breadth of optimal performance levels and systemic capabilities. Your advanced automation system can manage any and all systemic operations, including:
• Lighting control using occupancy and motion sensors, plus lighting schedules for specific zones, times of day, days of the week, and weekends and holidays.

• HVAC system that manages temperature, air quality, comfort control, air circulation, and smoke and toxic gas exhaust system.

• Energy management that includes recycling and conservation techniques, and manages energy usage.

• Security management using RFID scanners, access control, card scanners, closed-circuit television monitoring, video surveillance recording, pan/tilt/zoom cameras, thermal imaging cameras, and fixed position cameras.

Now you can take advantage of all the great benefits that automated systems can offer. Advanced automation delivers increased efficiency and production, while reducing water and energy usage, and can significantly lower your operating costs.

It also provides sustainability measures for systemic operations, reducing downtime for repairs and maintenance.

To achieve optimal success for your business, and learn more about our building automation systems, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.