How to Improve Air Quality Management in Commercial Properties

air quality managementLearn how you can optimize air quality control in your building.

The heat index is skyrocketing in Florida, and many commercial businesses are feeling a pinch in their budget as they try to maintain comfortable air temperature.

Businesses without a quality air management system suffer the most, with excessive energy costs, lower production levels, increased employee sick leave, and other problems.

Air Quality Management

Your business does not have to experience the negative effects of improper air quality control, especially in the ruthless Florida summer heat. With a quality air management system, you can improve the operation and effectiveness of your HVAC system, and cut costs too.

Advanced Control Corporation is a leading Florida expert in air quality management systems. We can design and build an air quality control system from the ground up, or retrofit one into your existing schematic. Once your system is in place, you can begin to realize all the positive benefits that it will bring, such as:

• The elimination of waste
• Energy efficiency
• Retention of thermal and humidity set-points
• Enhanced air quality and safety
• Automation and scheduling techniques

Plus, our quality air management systems are scalable and adaptable to grow with you. You can tweak, change, add, and share systemic data for future development. We employ our own proprietary software system that transforms data into actionable intelligence. Your management team will find it a simple process to access data and initiate air quality management decisions.

Management will be able to classify and prioritize mechanical system inadequacies and malfunctions, and also provide cost-effective solutions via our integrated system-based diagnostic tools. Access via the cloud and web levels delivers the data needed to realize an improved systemic structure that provides all the positive perks of an intelligent air quality control system.

Quality Air Management

Another important aspect of intelligent air quality control is the impact that it has on human health. According to research statistics, poor air quality levels negatively affect thousands of employees, tenants, and guests in commercial structures. Our quality air management systems monitor and measure volatile organic compounds (VOC), toxic substances, and harmful gases in the air inside your building.

When undesirable levels are detected in the air, solutions are automatically engaged to remove the culprits from the interior environment through the ventilation and exhaust system. It is estimated that poor air quality negatively affects worker absences and productions levels, dramatically impacting U.S. companies with a deficit of about $226 billion annually.

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Air Quality Control

Proper air quality management is vital in retaining energy efficiency in commercial structures and should be a priority in management objectives. Your building’s HVAC system, along with the lighting system, are two top energy consumers that run up energy costs. Reining in waste, and mismanaged operations can significantly improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Rather than be a victim of high-energy costs, you can now use new and improved technology to your advantage. Our smart air quality management systems can enhance the performance of infrastructure operations and rein-in unbridled energy usage with the help of automation devices.

About 40 percent of commercial buildings are deemed to be unoccupied at any given time, yet the HVAC system remains in use. Intelligent quality air management could solve this problem easily with the use of devices that would shut down, or reduce HVAC activity.

A time scheduling system can also be incorporated to shut-down operations during specific times of the day, days of the week, weekends and holidays. These are just some of the intelligent solutions that can substantially lower your operating costs.

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