Importance of Office Building Security Systems

office building security systems

Discover the benefits of high-tech office building security systems.

With today’s innovative high-tech materials, it is easy to create effective office building security systems.

There is no need to take risks with outdated security equipment when you can upgrade to a safer, more compatible security system for your commercial structure.

Our experts can examine your building to determine the most proficient way to execute a commercial security system plan of action for your property.

Office Building Security Systems

Many factors are considered before our team completes the final stage of design, and decides on the best types of products and materials to be used for building security. To be most effective, security systems for buildings must address vulnerabilities, and building and business requirements. You can have peace of mind knowing that your property, assets, resources, and people visiting your structure are secured with the latest high-tech devices and materials.

Our team can explain the different types of equipment and processes that are needed to safeguard your property. You can learn about commercial security systems basics and build from there. To maximize effectiveness, office building security systems should be integrated into your building automation system. This can be an open protocol system that shares data and provides feedback, enabling your management team to control every aspect of building security. The basics of security systems for buildings includes:

Elevator Access Control – is the ideal way to steer traffic through your commercial building. Using a card ID system, employees and visitors will only be able to access the floors and zones recorded on the ID card. No one will be able to loiter or enter restricted areas with an elevator access control system. Your system will provide increased security for your employees, tenants and visitors, and also help to deter criminal activity. ID cards can also be used to enter and exit passageways, allowing only those people who have the authorization to enter specific areas.

Access Control Systems – are the ideal security solution for many types of buildings, including: high-rise apartment buildings, office buildings, hospitals and nursing facilities, detention centers etc.

• Commercial security systems must also include comprehensive Surveillance Systems, to ensure that your property is being properly monitored, recorded and managed 24/7. Our closed-circuit television systems (CCTV), incorporate the use of a variety of camera devices that can effectively provide full surveillance of your property.

These types of security systems for buildings are commonly used in airports, banks, convenience stores, commercial structures, hospitals, casinos etc. CCTV recorded data is considered permissible in a court of law as evidence in a lawsuit.

CCTV security cameras that are typically used include pan/tilt/zoom cameras, fixed position cameras, and RFID cameras.
Commercial Security Systems

Office building security systems can provide you with the highest level of security, proving to be one of the wisest business investments you can ever make. Advanced Control Corporation can create security systems for buildings from the ground up, or integrate upgraded systems into your existing schematic. We also provide maintenance services for office building security systems to extend their longevity and enhance their effectiveness and performance.

Another service that our team of experts provides is comprehensive building management services. We offer affordable service contracts that can include:

• Equipment maintenance and sustainability

• System optimization

• In-house and remote user training

• Software upgrades and software/database archiving and storage

• Help desk

• Troubleshooting

• Priority service response

• Avoiding potential breakdowns that can be costly in time, production and money.

• Providing cost-effective solutions that reduce operating expenses.

• Energy conservation consultation, and much more.

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Prioritizing security systems for buildings means staying a few steps ahead of potential risks, by utilizing cutting edge technology.

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