How to Enhance Your Commercial Building Maintenance

commercial building maintenance

Learn how commercial building maintenance preserves security objectives.

Maintaining your commercial structure is just as important as the efforts made to design and build it. But, the investment made to create your building infrastructure can be reduced to zero if it is not properly maintained. Commercial property maintenance will secure your investment, and assure that building operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Commercial Building Maintenance

It is up to your maintenance team to ensure that building maintenance is performed on a regular basis. A commercial property maintenance checklist can be prepared to cover the various facets of your building’s operations that should be maintained. Your maintenance team can review building check-ups and plan for additional building maintenance activities.

Over time, technical and mechanical devices can become worn and stop working properly. Environmental factors can also affect the functions of operations, and machines, wiring, plumbing, and automation devices can also be weakened.

Your commercial building maintenance team can oversee all operations and determine if there is a need for repairs or replacement, to ensure that your building is functioning efficiently and cost-effectively.

Building Maintenance Benefits

The failure to provide proper commercial building maintenance can result in mild to severe problems, and even cause life-threatening security issues.

Problems can include infrastructure IT failures that can prevent employees from performing their jobs. A power failure that doesn’t have a generator back-up can cause damage to materials and substances that must be preserved in unique temperature settings, especially when it supports human life – such as in a hospital environment.

Your management team should prepare a comprehensive list of commercial property maintenance goals and activities to secure your building and its inhabitants.

Some maintenance activities may have to be performed on a daily or weekly basis, and others can be performed on a monthly basis. Your failure to provide a preventive building maintenance plan, and overlook risks to save money in the short-term, can cost you dearly in time and money in the long-term.

Rather than be penny wise and pound foolish, your business investment should be protected at all times with proper commercial property maintenance.

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Your commercial building maintenance checklist should include the following:

• Windows, doors, gates and other portals can deteriorate with age and constant use. Proper maintenance can include the upkeep or replacement of hinges, handles, locks, card ID scanners, etc. so that they are functioning correctly.
• Plumbing is another vital aspect of maintenance concern because you usually won’t notice a problem until it is too late. Plumbing should cover all devices like pipes, valves, hoses, hook-ups, drains, water heaters, boilers, sump and sewage pumps, restroom fixtures, etc. Your property’s irrigation system, and fire extinguisher system, can be included in the plumbing maintenance, or you can assign those to outside specialists.
• Your commercial property maintenance check-up list should include construction materials, such as masonry work, eaves, arches, canopies, roofs, soffits, and exterior walls. Also, check ramps and walkways for anything that would affect safe passage.
• Your building’s lighting system check-up should include: automated devices, light bulbs, outlets, wiring, circuit breakers, and power source.
• The HVAC system is another item that should be on your building maintenance check-up list.
• Add to your list of access control maintenance. When dealing with integrated systems, such as access control or lighting system, it is easier to check each system individually to assure that they are well maintained.
• Your commercial building maintenance check-up should also include fire prevention equipment. Fire equipment must be inspected once a year, by law. Fire extinguishers must be serviced once a year, and crawl spaces and doors should be inspected more often.
• Your IT system, which operates your building management system, should also be maintained on a regular basis to assure that it is working properly.

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