Importance of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Discover how energy efficiency in commercial buildings can increase your bottom line.

You can be riding high on the wave of energy efficiency in commercial buildings, or sinking low in the depths of defeat. Rather than being the victim of high energy costs and the wasteful use of energy, you can emerge as the victor who uses technology to your advantage. Energy efficiency in commercial buildings should be a primary concern for anyone who owns, or manages, a commercial building. And we have the solutions to turn your property into one of Florida’s energy-efficient buildings.

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Now is the time for you to start thinking about installing energy efficiency techniques in your commercial building. Our smart energy solutions can improve the performance of your infrastructure operations, and minimize wasteful energy usage. Unbridled energy usage in commercial structures can take over a large portion of your operating costs unless you take control of the situation by utilizing intelligent energy efficiency techniques.

According to U.S. Energy Information Administration data, heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting account for up to 60 percent of electricity usage in a commercial structure. Recent data also concludes that about 40 percent of commercial buildings are unoccupied at any given time, yet the HVAC and lighting systems remain in use. This wastefulness is a part of what inflates operating costs to an unnecessary level. Our energy efficiency techniques can reverse this process and save you money.

With the use of a variety of devices, sensors, and other automatic responses, infrastructure processes can be altered or stopped when specific areas or zones are not occupied. Energy efficiency in commercial buildings relies on processes that can sustain, alter, or dismiss set-points of HVAC and lighting operations. These energy efficiency techniques not only safeguard the daily business routine but are an economical answer to leveraging waste and high energy costs.

Energy Efficient Buildings

With advanced technology and mechanical devices, creating energy efficient buildings is a simple process. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in designing and building energy efficient structures. Our integrated building automation system connects all infrastructure operations into one synergistic unit. Included in this sophisticated network are your building’s electrical, mechanical, water and security systems.

Your management team can freely monitor and manage all systemic operations on your property, and also address problems quickly and efficiently. All real-time and archived data can easily be accessed via desktop, laptop or mobile device whether you are on the property or off. If you own multiple structures on different sites, we can also integrate them into one unique management system. Our team of experts can design a schematic that works with your building requirements and business goals.

Energy efficiency in commercial buildings takes the worry out of high energy costs by using valuable resources only when necessary. Our energy efficiency techniques can decrease energy usage by up to 30 percent, saving you money that can be well spent on more important things. There is no reason to wait when you have intelligent energy solutions available to you now.

One area that is highly impacted by our energy efficiency techniques is your building’s lighting system. Your managers can control the scheduling of automated time and zone lighting controls, such as dimmers and shut-offs when those areas are unoccupied. Lighting control management is also expanded to outside areas that include exits, ramps, walkways, parking lots and garages, loading docks, etc.

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