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Learn how you can enjoy the benefits of green building solutions with the help of Advanced Control.

Step into the future and take advantage of the many benefits of green building materials and technologies. If you own or manage a commercial building in the Fort Lauderdale area, you can begin to update your facility with the latest emerging technologies in green building solutions and environmental sustainability. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in green building construction and management of commercial and governmental structures in South Florida.

Green Building Technologies

“Going green” is the wave of the future and can provide your company with many great benefits. One benefit is to use emerging technologies that are designed to enhance energy conservation that generates environmental sustainability, efficiency and cost-effective savings in energy usage.

By using emerging technologies in your commercial building, you will be creating a protective barrier around your infrastructure that sustains systemic processes. By implementing green automation, you can begin to enjoy the perks of utilizing intelligent energy conservation technologies. Our team of experts here at Advanced Control Corporation can design green building solutions that are unique to your building’s requirements and business needs.

Our team can integrate new emerging technologies into your existing scheme to achieve a high level of energy conservation. Our systems utilize energy intelligently and resourcefully by reducing waste, recycling, protecting your building’s interior environment, and creating natural environmental sustainability. Our plan of action can blanket all systemic operations of your infrastructure activity, giving your management team the ability to monitor, analyze and control all processes occurring inside and outside of your structure through the use of AI.

Managers can access data via a desktop, laptop or mobile device whether they are on-site or off. Data can be viewed in real-time or stored information, and data analytics can determine if there are existing problems that should be addressed before there is further deterioration that can lead to a costly and timely shut-down. Your team will learn to appreciate how new emerging technologies can sustain production and avoid pitfalls.
Energy management and environmental sustainability are leading the way in developing emerging technologies that can decrease operating costs, maximize efficiency and production, and reduce waste. Many new city building codes require that energy conservation techniques be used in new construction. This emergence of new technologies allows for the use of recyclable and renewable materials and avoids the excesses of non-renewable natural resource consumption.

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The Future of Green Building Initiatives

Green building will continue to grow as Smart City development expands. New innovations will continue to be developed, that will improve building infrastructure and energy management. To assure that you will not be limited by future growth, our green building systems are scalable and flexible to adapt to changes and allow for new additions. Your building can have limitless growth potential as it evolves and upgrades to enhance its systemic processes.

Your green infrastructure initiative can include various entities, including energy management and conservation, HVAC, lighting system, power station, security system, water conservation and more. Let us help you make your commercial structure more efficient and cost-effective. We provide training and operational support when and wherever it is needed.

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