Benefits to Elevator Security Systems

elevator security systems

Learn how elevator security systems enhance your building’s security.

You can secure your commercial property and protect building inhabitants with our comprehensive security systems. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have covered every corner of your structure with advanced security technology. We provide security systems that include surveillance cameras, recording devices, and access control elevator security systems.

Elevator Security Systems

If you want to improve your commercial structure’s security system, Advanced Control Corporation can help you with that endeavor. We are experts at designing and building automation and security systems. Our team can build from the ground up, or integrate a new system into your existing schematic.

All of our security systems are flexible and scalable to accept new additions, make changes, or eliminate a specific aspect. If you are on a tight budget but need to upgrade your security system, we can build it in stages as your budget permits. We also offer on-site and remote training, maintenance and support.

You can have a unique safety net that meets all your building’s needs and addresses vulnerable areas. Our elevator security systems allow your managers to conduct traffic in your building by allowing entrance only to designated areas that are embedded in card access data. Our elevator card system provides viable solutions to protect your building, assets, resources, and inhabitants.

Each employee, tenant or visitor receives a security card that holds access data for that person. Elevator access will only allow a person to enter the areas designated on their card. Restricted zones and resources will be protected from prying eyes and criminal intent, and transient traffic will not be allowed to roam freely throughout your building.

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Surveillance Cameras

Another vital aspect of building security is having guards stationed throughout your building to survey activity. Of course, it is financially ridiculous to have live guards stationed throughout your indoor and outside property, especially when technology has already created the intelligent, cost-effective solution.

Our surveillance cameras can provide all the observation that is needed, even in difficult blind spots and dark areas. We use an array of surveillance cameras that can help you monitor, manage, and avoid problems that may occur. Our arsenal of surveillance cameras includes:

  • Fixed position cameras that can be mounted anywhere and are equipped with swivel heads that are adjustable. These cameras are ideal for viewing large areas like parking garages, hallways, lobbies, etc.
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras assist in eliminating blind-spots because they have the ability to move in any direction.
  • Thermal imaging cameras are able to detect temperature changes in any given area that signals human or animal intrusions. And they can be used both indoors and outside your property.
  • License plate capture cameras utilize high-tech optical character recognition that can secure the license plate numbers of every vehicle that enters and exits your property.

Surveillance systems are a vital addition to any building security system because they protect your property, and human life, from any criminal intrusion or intent. Our surveillance systems can blanket your entire property so that all activity is monitored, recorded and stored. You can access any surveillance data in real-time, or archived data, to know who, what, when and where the activity occurred.

Advanced Security Systems

You can secure every area of your property with our advanced security systems. We provide integrated safety solutions that cover every zone inside your building, and also have security solutions for outside areas that include: walkways, exits, ramps, loading docks, parking lots and garages, etc. Your management team can access all data via the internet, tablet or mobile device, whether they are on-site or remotely. You will have the power to manage safety issues effectively and quickly with our technically advanced systems.

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