Small Business Security Systems Guide

small business security systemsGet all the facts about small business security systems with the help of Advanced Control.

Today’s building security requirements keep rising as thieves become more adept at hacking sophisticated devices. With that in mind, small business security systems are at a disadvantage if they are not prepared to stay abreast of new information. To reduce the risk of a break-in at your small business, we have prepared a building security system guide to help you avoid a security breach:

  1. The first step in creating office security systems is to have your building examined by an expert to determine where there are blind-spots and vulnerabilities. Your first line of defense is to recognize where problems may exist in your building and outside property that can easily be breached. Here at Advanced Control Corporation, our team of experts will give your building a thorough examination before we begin to design a building security system that can adequately protect your property and assets.
  2. Your building security system can be a separate entity with access control, but you may want to consider integrating it with other security features like closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance, lighting control, and elevator access control to have one seamless system.
    While each separate sub-system performs its own operations, a unified system can share information with feedback so that all systems work in conjunction with one another. An example of how integrated office security systems can work together is that if an area is breached, your lighting system will flood the area with light and your alarm system with be sounded – hopefully scaring-off the intruder.
  3. Small business security systems should have closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring and recording video surveillance. We can cover your property with a blanket of protection by using the network, pan/tilt/zoom, fixed position, and thermal imaging cameras. Our camera devices can secure blind-spots and also dark areas where there is no light. You can have complete coverage 24/7 with our CCTV surveillance and recording systems.
  4. Your building security system should include an access control system. This system gives you the ability to decide who can enter your building and where they can go, once they are inside your building. This system uses cards and readers, that are issued to employees and guests, that hold precise data that provides access to specific areas in your building. Access cards and readers provide maximum security by controlling traffic throughout your building. Access data is electronically stored when the card is scanned in the reader, so that you know who, and at what time, an individual entered that area.
  5. Small business security systems can also include an elevator access control system. Issuing a card to employees and guests who must use it in the elevator reader, the cardholder is only allowed access to specific floors within your building, allowing you to steer traffic and avoid intrusions. All card data information is digitally stored and can be deleted or changed by your managers when necessary.

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Small Business Security Systems Services

Advanced Control Corporation is a Florida leader in designing and building small business security systems. We also provide comprehensive services that are performed by our expert staff of technicians. We can provide year-round maintenance to assure that your equipment is operating correctly, and is optimally protecting your property. Our service agreements provide many benefits, such as reducing operating costs, equipment sustainability, and avoidance of shut-downs.

Other valuable services that you may be interested in include: software upgrades, in-house, and remote user training, energy conservation consultation, repair and maintenance services, and help desk.

For true peace of mind, you want to know that you have a sound building security system working for you.

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