Office Automation System for New Builds and Retrofits

office automation system,Improve infrastructure operations with a building management office automation system.

If you have not installed a building management system in your commercial building yet, you are most likely missing out on the many benefits it brings. With an office automation system, you can be profiting from higher efficiency and production, and considerable energy saving opportunities. If you want to create a new management system or upgrade your existing system, Advanced Control Corporation is the ideal company for you.

Building Management System

Our team of experts can design an office automation system that is unique to your business needs and building requirements. We can retrofit new management applications to your existing structure and also allow for future additions and changes. Our automation systems are integrated into one seamless operation that is driven by our open protocol building management software and features a user-friendly graphical interface.

A building management system affords many improvements in mechanical operations, and with the use of detection devices also monitors systems for degradations and malfunctions. Your management team will be able to access real-time and stored data to determine if each sub-system is operating properly, or if repair services are needed. This process can save your company from experiencing time consuming, high-cost shut-downs due to faulty systemic performance. With our seamless office automation system, your managers will be able to maintain operations, avoid pitfalls, reduce waste, lower utility costs, and substantially extend the lifetime of your infrastructure equipment.

Your office automation system allows for full control of building operations including HVAC, access control, CCTV surveillance, power monitoring, lighting systems, recycling, etc. Your system will automatically maintain set-points and schedules, perform actions dependent on sensors and detection devices, and extend override capabilities when needed. Your building’s mechanical processes will run like a well-oiled machine, and safety, efficiency, and production will be properly sustained.

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Building Management Software

Our proprietary building management software can be accessed via the cloud and web, whether on-site or off location. It performs multiple actions including collecting and consolidating diagnostic data from each infrastructure system in your building and outdoor property and provides recommendations for improvements. Your management team can access real-time or stored data reports for air conditioning or heating processes, security surveillance, energy usage, AI equipment, lighting controls, and other processes and resources.

Our building management software AI can identify any problems that may exist in each system by analyzing the sequence of operations, trending information and energy usage. If the diagnostic tools identify a failure, your system will immediately alert your managers so that they can address the problem by taking the appropriate actions. Your managers can access daily diagnostic reports that disclose facility performance, and systemic irregularities that can be causing unnecessary costs and excess wear and tear on equipment.

We provide managed building analytics services for single or multiple structure facilities that prioritize business needs and building requirements. Our building management software integrates retrofits and new builds into one synergistic operation that delivers proactive management processes. Your company can reap many valuable benefits, improve efficiency, and increase savings with our intelligent building management system.

We are the experts who can design and build an office automation system for your commercial or industrial property.

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