Commercial Lighting Controls

commercial lighting controls

Discover how commercial lighting controls from Advanced Control can benefit you.

Did you now that lighting is one of the most expensive costs of operating a commercial building? Lighting costs on average can be about 40 percent of a commercial building’s annual operating budget. To rein-in outrageously high lighting costs, many commercial building owners are opting for commercial lighting control systems. Commercial lighting controls can effectively reduce waste, improve efficiency and performance, and also lower utility costs.

Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings

Energy management systems for commercial buildings are a top priority for properly managing your structure’s utility usage. Business owners can see a significant reduction in their operating costs by using the many advanced controls and devices that regulate your building’s energy flow and usage. Commercial lighting control systems are an integral part of the energy management systems for commercial buildings. As a commercial building owner or manager, it is your job to see that energy usage is well managed and maintained.

Advanced Control Corporation is well known in the South Florida area for designing and building commercial lighting control systems for commercial structures. Our team of experts will carefully analyze your structure and energy needs before designing a customized lighting system that can meet your unique requirements. Commercial lighting controls can be created as an independent system, or integrated into your building management system for a synergistic operation.

Our team can explain the many great benefits you will receive with properly managed commercial lighting controls. Your managers can monitor and control your system via IT technology, whether on-site or off. This empowers them to limit, change, or stop any process occurring within your system and also allows for tenant override capabilities too.

Commercial lighting controls automation has the ability to manage illumination processes by using unique sensors and other types of devices. Your building’s lighting processes and performance can be optimized with commercial lighting control systems, and your lighting costs reduced. Whether you have new construction or an existing structure, we can create the right lighting control system for you.

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Commercial Lighting Controls Operations

You will find that your new lighting system is a great asset to your company, that not only provides efficient and cost-effective savings but also acts as a barrier against intrusions. If your building’s security has been breached, your lighting system will automatically illuminate that area by flooding it with light. This action can deter criminal activity by scaring off intruders.

Your automated lighting system also works to adjust interior light in your structure throughout the day and night by activating light level sensors. As natural light diminishes, your lighting system sensors will be activated to increase lighting and vice versa. Lighting can be shut off automatically in unoccupied areas, and outdoor lighting can also be maintained for walkways, parking garages, loading docks, ramps, and exits. An entire suite of lighting controls is a vital part of intelligent energy management systems for commercial buildings, including yours.

Your Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings

If you are ready to lower operating costs and increase efficiency in your commercial structure, we can help you. We can explain how an energy management system works to decrease waste, improve security, and properly manage HVAC, lighting and other systems within your infrastructure. We can also design a system that can meet your needs and work within your budget too.

To learn more about installing an energy management system in your building, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.