Card Access Systems for Commercial Buildings

card access systemsLet card access control systems protect your business assets and more.

Door access control systems are a vital part of commercial building security and cover more than just exits and entrances. Access control systems can secure every door in your building, including elevator landings. You will be able to manage the traffic of employees and guests throughout your building with our invaluable card access systems.

Minimize Risks with Card Access Systems

Don’t wait until your security has been breached but be prepared in advance to protect human life and property. Our door access control systems require authorization from your management team for any individual who enters your commercial building. Guests must receive permission to enter your building and access specific zones in your building. All authorization data can be electronically recorded on access cards that your guests will receive. This limits their access within your building and steers them exactly to areas where you want them.

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You will find that our access control systems are a valuable resource that assists you in protecting your property. Some of the many great features of our access control systems include:

  1. Card access systems can record the date, time and location of every entry and exit made in your building. You will know who was where and at what time and day. This feature can prove to be a tremendous reference in the event of damage, theft or tampering of your resources and property.
  2. Employees and guests receive key cards that permit them to access specific areas in your building. Key cards can be created unique to your property, and include codes or other types of security features.
  3. All data recorded on key cards can be changed or deleted in the event that an employee’s job has been terminated.
  4. You can use a large number of key cards 24/7. This is an important feature for large corporations and industrial plants that have a great number of employees and guests visiting their site.
  5. Our access control systems can be managed whether you and your managers are on-site or off – via desktop, mobile device or laptop. You can be anywhere on the planet and still know that you have control over your property’s security. If that doesn’t give you peace of mind, what will?
  6. Our door access control systems can be set-up to immediately lock doors at specific times, with the use of set schedules for days, times of day, weekends and holidays.
  7. Card access systems can be programmed to meet your specific needs. You may want to use specific entryways for employees only, and limit use to other entrances for guests.
  8. Door access control systems can protect individual offices and restricted areas. Without proper key card authorization, your IT data, files, and other resources will be protected from hacking, damage, and theft.
  9. Access can be authorized for on-site cafeterias, gyms, restrooms, parking garages, and other areas. Repairmen and cleaning crews should also have some type of authorized access for security purposes.
  10. Elevator door access control systems only allow access to floors and zones that are authorized on the key card. If there is more than one elevator in your building, elevator access control can integrate all elevators to work as one seamless unit.

Our experts design and build custom card access systems that can meet your security needs and budget. We can also create a suite of security systems, including video surveillance and recording that can give you the peace of mind that you are looking for regarding your building’s security.

To learn more about the many benefits of our access control systems, contact Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660.