Building Management System Installation in South Florida

building management systemDiscover why a building management system is profitable with the help of Advanced Control.

In a perfect world, commercial buildings would operate intelligently, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Unfortunately, that is not the case in a reality where systems fail, utilities bleed excess, and security is negligible. The gateway to perfection for your commercial structure is to install a state-of-the-art building management system. Your system can keep even the most remote variables from shifting too far off course, which equates to less waste and a more comprehensive regulation system.

Advanced Building Automation System

The first step in building automation is to determine which company you will use to design and create a building management system. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader of automation systems in Florida, integrating management hardware and software for commercial and industrial buildings. Our experts can examine your structure to determine what requirements are essential in creating a comprehensive system that will serve you well for many years to come.

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We can install, retrofit or upgrade a building automation system that is unique to your business and building needs and budget. Our systems are scalable and flexible to adapt to inclusions and changes that you may decide to make further down the road. Unless you are building a new structure, your building probably already has some automation capabilities and might just need a few retrofits that would:

  • Create a comfortable interior environment, and reduce interruptions to building occupants.
  • Address system obsolescence with intelligent additions.
  • Improve systemic performance and production.
  • Create a sustainable infrastructure that is protected with monitoring and alerts against failures.
  • Enhance systems by including automation sensors and devices.
  • Design comprehensive building management system software.

Building Management System Services

Our team can assist you in maintaining your building automation system by providing you with training and support services. Our VAO (visualize, analyze, optimize) software allows you to identify systemic inefficiencies and degradations, address mechanical problems and also prioritize repair services before a system failure occurs – which can be very costly in time, production and money. We offer year-round maintenance protection of your building automation system by covering all its operations.

You can select from affordable service agreement packages that include system optimization, breakdown avoidance, increased equipment life, lower operational costs, improved comfort and safety for building inhabitants, and priority service response. Other services that we provide include user training, help desk, software/database archiving and storage, energy conservation consultation, software upgrades, time and material repair and maintenance services.

Our maintenance contracts cover monitoring, testing and troubleshooting to identify and correct problems that can cause systemic failures, equipment damage, and financial drawbacks. We also provide on-site and remote training and technical support to your staff.

Building Energy Management System

Another important addition to your infrastructure is a building energy management system. This system allows you to monitor and analyze trending and stored data on power usage. You can identify energy inconsistencies, excesses, and failures, and make the proper adjustments. Your building energy management system can keep all infrastructure systems operating on their respective schedules, set-points, and other schemes. Proper energy management reduces waste and utility usage and substantially cuts operating costs.

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