What is a BMS System?

what is a bms systemWhat is a BMS System? Learn more about them and how they improve efficiency of your property.

Commercial buildings have a complex array of unseen infrastructure processes taking place at all times. Managing this vast network of operations can seem daunting and time-consuming. Managers of commercial buildings realize the importance good management services and that is why they rely on an intelligent building management system to handle systemic processes. And having the right type of management system designed and installed by the best among building automation companies is an added plus.

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A Leader of Building Automation Companies

Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in designing and building automation systems and services. Since our inception in 1987, we have been customizing management systems for Florida’s commercial and governmental buildings. Our professional team of experts can configure a building management system that is unique to your building and business needs, and remain within your budget.

We can provide intelligent solutions to some of the most common problems that commercial buildings have, and apply these solutions in segments so that we stay within budget. We provide a complete suite of software and energy management services that will minimize waste, increase efficiency, conserve and recycle resources, and reduce your operating costs. We are one of the top building automation companies in Florida that can design and build a unique building management system for your building, and also provide a full range of services, training, and maintenance to keep your system performing optimally.

What is a BMS System?

What is a bms system and why do you need one for your commercial building? We are so glad you asked. A building management system can monitor and regulate every infrastructure process in your building. All operations processes can be stabilized within set parameters, to curb waste and eliminate excessive use of energy. All infrastructure operations can be integrated into one unified system of operations that your managers can monitor, analyze and change when they deem necessary. Some of the systems that are included in building management are:

  1. HVAC – Your bms system can control all HVAC systems like heating, air-conditioning, and air quality, ventilation, safety and comfort. Through the use of microprocessors that unify electrical and mechanical systems, your building’s interior environment can be managed efficiently and cost-effectively. We can design a system that can lower heating and air-conditioning costs, while still remaining flexible to include any future additions or changes.
  2. Energy Management – Allows you to keep operating costs to a minimum by controlling energy usage effectively. Areas of management can include: electrical products and devices, power outages, troubleshooting, outlet power monitoring, power switching controls and thresholds.

Your managers can access trending and stored data to analyze processes and disturbances, evaluate performance, and identify, locate and correct problems. Proper energy management can assist in system sustainability, increase efficiency and production, provide correct energy output, and reduce high energy costs.

Other areas of building management include: access control and surveillance systems, fire and smoke protection, water system, recycling and energy conservation, lighting control, and override systems. Advanced Control Corporation can customize a building management system that is unique to your business needs and future development. We are the best choice among building automation companies in Florida, that can provide superior products and services.

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