Property Management Software: Lighting, Air, and More

property management softwareAdvance your business with property management software from Advanced Control.

You can integrate your commercial building’s interior systems into one seamless unit with our property management software. Your infrastructure operations can work synergistically and complement each other in their designated roles. With a customized building management system in place to meet the demands and needs of your business, your entire infrastructure can operate efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Property Management Software

If you are considering installing property management software in your commercial structure, you will want to have a reputable company doing the work. With Advanced Control Corporation at the helm, you will have building management system experts designing and building a system that is unique to your business requirements. Once your system is completed, your management team will be able to access any area of your building and outside property to retrieve data, analyze and adjust operations.

Your property management software enables your management team to access real-time and stored data and share information with our open protocol communication system. Open protocol enables communication with systemic operations and also with remote users and servers, via the internet. Our open protocol system interprets the format and intention of each data structure, so that clear communication takes place.

With our building management system, your management team has centralized control of all building and outside operations at their fingertips, whether on-site or remotely. The integration of all systems allows for interaction and feedback between systems, and also employs checks and balances to trouble-shoot problems. All data can easily be accessed via desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile device.

Building Management System

Our building management system software can incorporate all legacy systems currently existing in your operation, including outside vendors and manufacturers. This enables your managers to access every available resource to optimize efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, while reducing waste and high utility costs. Your pre-existing infrastructure does not have to be dismantled to allow for new additions, because our system is flexible and scalable to include new applications into one comprehensive unit of operation.

Your property management software will manage all systemic operations, including:

  1. Lighting automation and management that will help to reduce high energy costs and provide efficient illumination procedures. Lighting control options include: set-points, automation devices and sensors, energy-saving lightbulbs and other hardware, and schedules consisting of time of day, days of the week, weekends and holidays.
    Automated illumination covers all lighting circuits inside your building and will shut down lighting in unoccupied areas, virtually eliminating waste and providing sufficient illumination where and when needed. Automation illumination will also be employed in all outside areas of your property, such as: parking lots and garages, exits, walkways, ramps, loading docks etc.
  2. Your building’s HVAC system controls a variety of processes that include air-conditioning, heat, air circulation and exhaust, and air quality, comfort and safety. Your system can retain temperature set-points, and other processes through unified, digitally controlled, electrical and mechanical systems.
    High heating and cooling costs can be substantially reduced through the use of digital logistics, that allow for easy facilitation through air ducts, circumventing obstacles like dampers and valves. Your managers can control the interior environment so that it is conducive to good health, comfort and productivity.
  3. Our security systems are designed to address all security needs including building vulnerabilities. We employ a variety of tools and devices that will blanket every area of your building and outside property with protection. Your security system will include:
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides complete surveillance services, 24/7 throughout your building and outside property. This system uses a collection of special camera devices that can capture all activity taking place on your property, at any given time.
  • Access Control allows your managers to monitor and control the movement of all building inhabitants. Building inhabitants are issued personal ID cards that are programmed with information that determines which areas of your building they can access.
  • Elevator Access Control determines who has access to which floors in your building by using an ID card in the scanner located in the elevator.

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