How Building Management Systems Work

building management systemsUpgrade your building’s infrastructure with our building management systems.

Did you know that building management systems have a positive impact on commercial buildings? Management systems can increase efficiency and also reduce operating costs, but most of all they are the “life” of your entire infrastructure. With the use of automation and other devices, building management systems drive and control every systemic process that occurs in your building and outside property on a daily basis.

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Through the use of building management system software, you can see a reduction in energy and water consumption, improve waste management, and add sustainability to your building’s mechanical operations. Commercial building systemic operations not only put a tremendous strain on the natural environment by increasing carbon output, but they also put a strain on your budget. By upgrading your building with our building management systems, you can streamline and improve your systemic operations to benefit your company and protect the environment too.

Building Automation Companies

If you are interested in building management systems, you want to find a reputable company that can design and build a unique system that will meet your needs and budget. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader among building automation companies in Florida, serving both commercial and governmental structures. We have the expertise and experience to retrofit a new system into your existing structure, or build a new one from the ground up. We are experts in our field, making us a top contender among building automation companies in Florida.

We can integrate your system into one synergistic entity, while still segregating systemic process according to designated zones to meet the particular needs of each separate environment. Our team also designs and builds LEEDS Certification projects for a greener indoor and outdoor environment. There is no need to remove existing infrastructure because we can incorporate it into the new design, and manage it with our building management system software open protocol system.

Building Management Systems Operations

Your management team will be able to control every process of infrastructure system, including:

  1. HVAC automation manages your building’s air conditioning, heating, ventilation, air quality, comfort and safety, and smoke extraction. Using microprocessors, your system can digitally unite the mechanical and electrical systems to operate seamlessly and effectively manage and sustain the interior environment.
    Through the use of intelligent logistical engineering, interior temperature set-points can be maintained and waste eliminated. Digital logistics also enhance the navigation of air flow by side-stepping obstacles within air ducts etc. that can diminish efficiency and add stress to the system.
  2. Power monitoring allows for the monitoring and management or your power grid. Your management team can access all infrastructure trending conditions that are occurring in your building. Real-time data can assist your managers in appraising the performance of each system, evaluate conflicts, and identify, locate, and correct problems.
    They can also establish the source, time and frequency of problems and help to avoid a systemic failure. Our building management system software provides quality energy management that helps to sustain your systems, provide the proper energy yield, increase efficiency, and reduce high utility costs.

Other building management operations include: the lighting system, CCTV surveillance, access control systems, recycling and conservation, meters and dashboards, and building management system software. We can provide you with comprehensive building automation, security systems, energy management, training and maintenance services.

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