Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings 

energy management systemsInstall an energy management system and help lower your operating costs.

Is your company buried under the weight of high energy costs? If you want the solution to reducing inflated operating costs, you should install a customized building management system. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in designing and building energy management systems that are the right fit for your building and business needs.

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Intelligent Building System Basics

We examine and determine the uniqueness of your building and energy needs before we configure an intelligent building system that will monitor and manage energy usage, and keep energy output within the parameters of an adequate and acceptable set-point of operation. A building management system allows you to effectively control the inflated cost of energy usage by eliminating waste and excessive use.

Our energy management systems solutions are met by employing an array of dashboards, meters and sub-meters that quantify and correct energy usage. These processes allow for the reduction of waste and excess through optimized power management, and also identify areas of concern where problems may exist. Energy usage is one of the highest expenditures that commercial businesses face, so it is important for business managers to incorporate the systemic solutions that energy management systems provide.

Your building management system includes a large base of operations that address problems and rein in excess power usage, including:

Identifying Issues Before it’s Too Late:

Your intelligent building system is able to identify problem areas that are just beginning to manifest. It can quantify the performance of systemic operations to determine which system is malfunctioning, and alert your managers so that they can arrange for an examination and repair process before a complete systemic failure occurs. This procedure can save your company the expense of costly repair bills and loss of production, that a total system failure would incur.

Easy Energy Usage Determinations:

Intelligent solutions to power monitoring and management includes quantifying energy usage across the board and also per individual tenants. Systemic operations such as HVAC, lighting, and other processes are included in power monitoring data that can easily be accessed by your management team.

Your team can analyze data and also tweak specific actions within systems, to keep energy flow adequate and affordable. Tenant auditing and billing becomes a simple process and energy output can be quantified in specific zones, such as common areas, with the use of meters and sub-meters. This process allows you to charge tenants according to their overall energy usage.

Reduce Waste:

Waste reduction is one of the many goals of your building management system operation. Interior room temperatures are kept within specific set-points so that excess energy usage does not occur. Your lighting system is configured to shut-down lighting in unoccupied areas, and can also be set-up on a schedule according to times of the day, days of the week, week-ends and holidays. Occupancy sensors can illuminate an area only when it is being occupied, reducing the high-cost of lighting commercial buildings. Plus, your system can pinpoint power defects and problems that may be causing waste.

Our energy management systems have an easy to use graphical interface, with simple navigation controls. Your managers can access real-time or stored data via cloud technology at any time whether they are on-site or off. Energy management has never been easier, and we can create a unique system for your business that is flexible to include future changes and additions.

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