CCTV Security Systems for Business 

cctv security systems for businessSecure your property with a CCTV security system for business with the help of Advanced Control.   

CCTV security systems for business are the standard surveillance system for protecting your property. If you have not installed a CCTV system inside your building and for your outside property, you are taking unnecessary risks. A CCTV surveillance system is an affordable option that will assist human guards, and your management team, in assessing the 24/7 activity taking place on your property.  

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Camera Systems for Business 

Today’s technological advancements have integrated CCTV security systems with internet protocol (IP), making CCTV security systems for business an effective and easy to use option. Your entire property will have complete surveillance capability using sophisticated camera devices that can monitor and record all activity, even in the most obscure and dark areas.  

Camera systems for business can monitor and transmit video in digital form, via the internet. Your CCTV surveillance system can include: network video recording (NVR), digital video recording (DVR), and hybrid video recording (HVR), for a comprehensive shield of surveillance protection.  

Advanced Control Corporation has been custom designing and building camera systems for business that are unique to each property. We can inspect your property to determine vulnerabilities and provide the proper solutions to address problem areas. Our CCTV security systems for business are flexible and adaptable to any future changes or additions, and we can create a system for you in stages so that we remain within your budget. We provide affordable solutions for transitioning from analog to network, to upgrade your security system with the latest technological advancements. 

CCTV Surveillance System Basics 

We provide the most comprehensive array of surveillance camera systems for business that provide valuable protection against security breaches. Our camera devices are designed with unique properties to offer solutions in even the most difficult situations. Some of our CCTV surveillance system cameras include:  

  • CCTV Cameras  These devices will monitor your indoor building areas and outdoor property 24/7, and capture all activity taking place. Your management team, and human guards, will have the ability to observe all activity in real-time. All data can be stored for future reference, and also used in a court of law if necessary.  
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras – These cameras are capable of moving into various positions for complete capture control.  They are effective in surveilling large areas and can zoom in to capture details. 
  • Fixed Position Cameras – A great camera that can be used both indoors and out, and are usually mounted on walls and ceilings. One great feature of these cameras are their telescopic mounts with adjustable swivel heads. Fixed position cameras are used to surveille large areas like hallways or lobbies and can be integrated with digital video recorders (DVR) and network video recorders (NVR) for comprehensive 24/7 surveillance monitoring.  
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras – Thermal imaging cameras use infrared radiation to identify intrusion activity, and are a valuable detection tool in dark areas and adverse weather conditions. These cameras can pick up subtle temperature variances, making them a unique part of your CCTV security systems for business.  

Your property should utilize all camera types for sufficient security protection, and to help deter criminal activity. If you are ready to install one of our camera systems for businesscontact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.