Smart Building Systems 

smart buildingLearn how smart building systems will improve your bottom line.

Companies shopping for a commercial building to operate their business from are seeking smart building technology more than ever. Building automation products are in high demand for the many efficient services they provide, plus their cost-effective savings in reducing operating costs. Building automation systems allow businesses to operate at a high level of productivity because every area of the infrastructure is refigured to work intelligently.

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By installing building automation products in your building, you will be able to create a safer, healthier and more comfortable interior environment, and streamline systemic operations in the process. Smart building allows for the integration of all systems into one seamless arrangement, where your managers can manage every process via an IP network. Using an open protocol communication system, all information can be accessed in real-time, stored, analyzed and shared.

Smart Building

Smart building equips your commercial structure to apply automation directives behind the scenes. Building inhabitants can enjoy climate-controlled comfort, where air quality is monitored for toxins, pollutants, dangerous gases, smoke etc. Building automation products such as diagnostic and automation devices can manage any inconsistencies from set-points that may occur.

Smart building security features would include elevator access control, and using ID card scanners to manage the navigation of employees and guests, and allow access only to their respective allotted areas. Building automation systems utilize motion and thermal sensors, closed circuit television cameras (CCTV), schedules and set-points, camera and recording devices, override systems and much more.

Building Automation Products

Your building automation system will upgrade your security system to a much higher level of operation based on security automation solutions. Some building automation products may include:

  • Elevator access control uses smart cards that are used by building inhabitants, and elevator ID readers to determine which floors and zones each person has authorized access to.
  • Access control allows you to manage which doors, gates and zones of your property may be access by any one individual.
  • Life safety systems coordinate an array of evacuation devices that control fire, smoke, and dangerous gases. Your system also identifies security breaches using surveillance detection devices.
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance uses an array of camera devices that include fixed position cameras and pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Thermal imaging camera devices are used in dark, or dimly lit, areas to read changes in temperature to detect intrusions and security breaches. License plate capture cameras can zoom in to read and record license plate data from any vehicle that enters or exits your outside property.
  • Security recording solutions provide a cost-effective way for your property to be monitored and managed. This system uses digital, network and hybrid video recording solutions that provide optimal surveillance of every area of your building’s interior and outside property.

Building Automation Systems

Applications of building automation systems includes a lighting control system. This system uses an array of devices, like motion sensors and switch devices, plus scheduling of days, time of day, weekends and holidays, to automatically shut down lighting in specific zones. Occupancy sensors determine when an individual enters or exits an area, allowing for lighting to be turned on or shut off. Your lighting system should be integrated into your security system, so that specific zones can be flooded with light if there is a security breach. Lighting costs are one of the largest expenditures of commercial buildings, and must be managed wisely.

Smart building HVAC systems monitor and manage interior temperature control, air quality, humidity, pollution, air circulation and exhaust in your building. Your system also monitors for dangerous CO2 and NO2 emissions in parking garages etc.

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