Intelligent Building Automation Basics 

intelligent building automationYour company can receive many benefits with the help of intelligent building automation systems.

Smart building management offers your company the ability to improve the efficiency and performance of every system in your building. Your managers can monitor and control all essential components including: HVAC, security, lighting, mechanical and much more. Advanced Control Corporation’s intelligent building automation will help to reduce waste, improve efficiency and productivity, and lower overall operating costs. Unless commercial buildings improve their systemic operations, they will be subject to high energy costs that will eat away at their profit, and suffer from other systemic problems.

Building Automation System Basics

Building automation system basics enables each system in your building to adjust to the demand needed at any given time. Your HVAC and lighting systems can work on schedules that include: days, times of day, days of the week, weekends and holidays, where automation devices will operate controls. Override systems can also be put into place to offset scheduled set-points. Your building’s interior air quality and comfort level can be automatically maintained from an intelligent building automation system.

This same process works for other systems too, such as your lighting control system. Lighting is one of the largest expenses in operating costs due to waste and inefficiency. With smart building management, your building’s lighting will automatically shut down in unoccupied areas using occupancy sensors and other devices. With the use of energy saving lightbulbs, like halogens, CFL’s, and LED’s, your company can reduce energy usage for lighting by up to 80 percent.

Building Automation System Basics Software

Building automation system basics includes an advanced IT software system that can interconnect each sub-system, and effectively monitor and control them. Our advanced web-based technology can provide you with real-time monitoring, data storage and analytics, an open communication protocol with feedback, and limitless management potentials. Your managers will be able to communicate with all systemic systems, plus other platforms, clients and manufacturers.

Intelligent Building Automation

The technological advancements in intelligent building automation has become more sophisticated and complex, requiring expert technicians to oversee any installation project. Advanced Control Corporation is a leading building automation company in Florida, designing and installing automation systems for many corporate and governmental structures throughput the state. Our automation systems are flexible and scalable to include future additions, or any changes you may deem necessary.

Our expert team can survey your property’s existing systems, determine building vulnerabilities, and factor-in your business goals and budget, before designing a unique system for you. We provide in-house and remote training and IT support for all your authorized personnel, so that they can sufficiently manage your automation system. We can also manage your system for you, if you do not have the personnel available to do so.

Smart Building Management

Smart building management has become an important segment of modern business practices, and is used in all types of businesses including: schools, health-care facilities, corporate complexes, multi-housing properties, retail establishments etc. Building automation systems not only offer cost-effective management capabilities, but also provide advanced security measures that protect your assets, resources, and building inhabitants.

Advanced Control Corporation can design and build a comprehensive security system that utilizes: access control devices, closed circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance and recording, smoke detection and directives, ID access systems, and more. Your intelligent building automation system can increase security, reduce utility usage and high costs, identify problems, and provide effective management of all infrastructure systems.

For more information about the many benefits of our innovative building automation systems, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.