HVAC Automation Systems Overview 

hvac automationGain multiple benefits with a building HVAC automation system.

If you would like to know more about energy management systems, there is no need to over-think the subject. Advanced Control Corporation is a leading Florida company in the design and installation of building and HVAC automation. Our experts can explain the various aspects of energy management systems to you, so that you are informed about their processes and benefits. We make a complex subject simple, and can show you how building automation can save you a substantial amount of money on operating costs.

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Building Automation Topics

You won’t be in the dark any longer regarding building automation systems. Our team of experts can give you the facts about:

  • Highly effective systemic processes that can increase production, preserve infrastructure longevity, and reduce waste and utility usage.
  • Our open-protocol platform allows all systems to communicate with each other, providing important systemic data, and assisting in troubleshooting problems.
  • Your managers can access real-time data, and also archived data, to analyze systemic processes, detect problems, and also protect data for regulatory compliance.

HVAC Automation

Your HVAC system controls the processes of heating, air-conditioning, and the flow, quality and comfort of the air inside your building. HVAC automation is now digitally controlled through the use of microprocessors, uniting mechanical and electrical systems, that simply and effectively manage and sustain your building’s interior environment.

An HVAC automation system can reduce the high costs of heating and cooling commercial structures, through the use of digital logistics control. This process allows air to easily navigate throughout your building, without getting bogged down with obstacles like valves, dampers, and other hindrances, that put more pressure on the system and reduce its effectiveness.

Our HVAC automation system is powerful, efficient, and programmable, allowing for adjustments that meet the needs of the interior environment. We can design and build a new HVAC automation system, or retrofit one that integrates with your existing arrangement. Our systems are flexible and can adapt to any future additions or changes, and also communicate with outside platforms too.

Energy Management Systems

Proper energy management can keep your operating costs down by monitoring every aspect of your power grid operations. This would include the management of:

  • Power switching controls
  • Electrical products and devices
  • Power thresholds
  • Outlet power monitoring
  • Outages
  • Fault detection
  • Troubleshoot problems

Our energy management systems allow access to all infrastructure trending conditions taking place in your building. Your managers can easily evaluate the performance of each sub-set, assess disturbances, identify, locate, and correct problems, and establish the source, time and frequency of problems before there is a systemic failure. Good energy management will sustain your systems, provide the proper energy output, increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce high utility usage and costs.

Building Automation Systems

Building automation serves to properly manage your building’s HVAC system and energy management requirements. Features that good building automation should provide includes:

  • Schedules of operation, including new space set-points, that should be set-up when the building is unoccupied. This allows for the adaptive learning of the equipment, and permits scheduling to proceed in an orderly and sequential manner.
  • Your automation system should include trim and respond capabilities that are based upon zone demand, and allow for the changes of heating and cooling set-points. The use of variable air volume boxes (VAV boxes) can easily achieve temperature demand changes in specific zones.
  • Good energy management should monitor the energy usage of gas, electric, steam, water, hot water, chilled water and fuel oil.
  • CO2 and other air toxins, plus smoke, should be monitored and controlled.
  • Your automation system should provide shedding during peak energy demand times, to reduce power usage and avoid brown outs. This could include shutting off water heaters, drinking fountains etc.
  • Tenant override capabilities should be incorporated into your automation system, plus metering and billing oversight.

An open protocol communication system, accessed through the internet or cloud, is essential to linking your managers with your infrastructure systems and other platforms.

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