Retrofit or Install Intelligent Building Management Systems 

intelligent buildingDiscover how intelligent buildings can reduce your business operating costs.

Successful companies are run by smart people who consider every factor before they make any major decision. When it comes to deciding if a company needs to install or upgrade their existing intelligent building management system, there are specific things that must be taken into consideration. Today we will examine some aspects of whether or not a company should install an intelligent building management system.

ROI of Intelligent Buildings

The ROI, or return on investment, that is received by installing intelligent building management systems, is an important factor to consider. Your return on investment from any intelligent building system will reap continuous benefits by reducing waste and utility usage. Many intelligent buildings can realize a significant saving in operating costs by up to 40 percent. And while the cost of installing, or retrofitting, a building management system is an important factor to consider, the return on investment will far supersede the cost in the long run.

New Beginnings for Intelligent Buildings

Retrofitting your building with a new intelligent building management system can be a time-consuming process, lasting many months or up to one year. The first thing to determine is what systems are outdated and need to be upgraded with the new system. Some existing hardware may just need appropriate maintenance and nothing more, while other systems may need a complete facelift. The process of integration between the existing and new management system requires that all service contracts on your old equipment be kept intact until the process is completed.

The introduction of your new equipment will also require that your workers be properly trained on how the new system works. We provide hands-on and remote training for your workers, plus we also offer remote maintenance services. We can always provide back-up if, and when, it is needed.

More Benefits of Intelligent Building

Installing a new building management system into your structure will reap many benefits for your company, tenants and employees. Firstly, your building’s value will increase by adding a sustainable development system to your infrastructure. You will also be contributing to the security and safety of your building and its occupants. This is a desirable feature that tenants look for and also makes employees feel safer.

You will also be able to provide better services and a cleaner, more comfortable indoor environment for building occupants. HVAC air quality and comfort control, plus dynamic lighting will place employees in a conducive environment that promotes increased productivity. Security, access control and surveillance measures will be enhanced, and fire and smoke exhaust systems can help to protect against damage and loss if life. The use of scheduling, sensors and other devices will reduce utility usage, and also alert your managers if a problem arises in one area of your building or property. Your system will provide improved performance of all operating systems, and enable a complete open-protocol communication between them.

Each system in your infrastructure will be affected differently by an intelligent building system, based on the design and process produced for each system and sub-system. If you have an existing system with an older, complex orientation, we can probably simplify it with new technology that can bypass unimportant areas and save money in the process. Advanced Control Corporation can provide information about the savings associated with our products and what you should expect. The sustainable, continuous life-cycle of our intelligent building management systems will provide your company with an impressive return on investment and impact your building’s systemic operations in a positive way.

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