Access Control Systems for Businesses

access control systemsLearn how you can provide a safe environment with our card access control systems.

Commercial access control systems are an intelligent and effective way to safeguard assets and secure building inhabitants. There are numerous types of access control systems that will enable you to select who can have access to specific resources and zones within your building and outdoor property. Advanced Control Corporation has been designing and building access systems for many corporate and governmental buildings in Florida since 1987.

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Below are some interesting facts that you should know about our systems:

Card Access Systems

Our card access systems provide the solution to securing restricted areas within your structure, plus, protecting assets, IT networks and Cloud resources. Based on an ID authentication arrangement, card access systems effectively validate who can have access to specific areas of your building, and who cannot. Your management personnel will be able to oversee all authentication procedures and re-arrangements.

Card access systems can successfully secure data centers and operational areas where sensitive logical assets are located, including: application programs, operational systems, and internet/intranet data. Multiple-use card access enables the cardholder access to both physical zones and IT data, and is a valuable security protection that is commonly used by industries that are regulated, and by governmental entities.

Swipe Card Door Access Control Systems

Today’s corporate structures face increasing security challenges, and that is why new technology is providing viable solutions to address those risks. With swipe card door access control systems, you can identify who is in your building and manage their level of access. Securing assets is a primary concern of businesses today, and part of the challenge can be met with swipe card door access control systems.

Your system will enable you to control employee tampering and theft of physical and IT resources. By controlling the flow of personnel traffic inside your building, you are assuring that each individual is where they are authorized to be and not roaming around in areas that are restricted to them. If a problem arises in a specific zone, you will know who had access to that area and when they were there. You will also be able to manage the flow of visitor traffic inside your building also, by granting individuals specific zone access.

Access Control Systems

If you have a growing concern about the security of your building’s assets and inhabitants, then comprehensive security measures should be implemented. No matter how big or small your security problems may potentially be, we have the solutions that you need. Our access control methods are a large part of any complete security system, and will prove to be a valuable asset to your business and individual lives.

Access control can be achieved using ID card systems, physical barriers like gates and doors, bio-metric input, password or PIN verification, key fob, and elevator access control. Access control vulnerabilities are being addressed with more advanced sophisticated technology, and enhanced mechanical and magnetic products. Elevator access is a great vehicle for directing the flow of traffic in your building, and multiple elevators can be integrated into one seamless entity.

Access control systems provide you with analytics that can pinpoint the exact location of each individual employee, plus, you will also know when someone is trying to enter a restricted area.

We can create a seamless access control system for you that is unique to your building’s requirements and business needs. You can learn more about access control by contacting one of our Advanced Control Corporation experts today at: 954-491-6660.