How Building Automation Systems Work


Building automation systems can fine-tune any building’s infrastructure – here’s how.

Learn how you can create the ideal environment for your company with building automation system basics. The infrastructure of your building and all the hidden components that make every day operations simple, like sliding entrance doors or automatic occupancy lighting, are all part of building automation systems. These systems are created to make your work environment operate simply and smoothly, and also protect your interests and save you money too. If you haven’t already discovered the value of building automation and control systems, then it’s time that you did. 

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Building from a Solid Foundation

Building automation system basics begin by taking all your infrastructure systems and integrating them into one seamless operation. There are many purposes for unification, such as monitoring, collecting data, providing feedback and back-up delivery, and much more. Some systems should be directly linked with other systems, like the lighting and security systems, to provide the most effective operative functions – such as flooding an area with light when building security has been breached.

The purpose of building automation system basics is to provide your property and business with the essential tools it needs to operate proficiently. Automation can serve multiple purposes, from operating occupancy lighting, automatic water faucets and flush toilets, entrance doors etc. These systems are not just designed for convenience but also deliver significant savings in utility costs.

ATM’s, self-serve check-out counters, and access gates are all a part of a complex plan of operation for businesses around the world. Less obvious, and often hidden, systems conduct a huge portion of a building’s operations and are a part of building automation systems. These less obvious systems include:

  • Energy management
  • Lighting system
  • HVAC system
  • Security system
  • Fire/smoke system
  • Override system
  • Access control system
  • Water system
  • Meters and sub-meters
  • Detection devices

BMS Benefits – One Centralized Location

Building automation and control systems operate from one centralized location where both hardware and software systems are interlinked for optimal efficiency. Your management team will be able to access your system whether they are on location or off-site, via desktop, laptop, mobile device etc. Managers can view the real-time activity of each network in the system, plus analyze archived data. They can also view security monitoring data that is recording all physical activity taking place on your property. Every facet of systemic operations will be in full view so that your managers have all the information they need to properly manage your building and outdoor property.

Our building automation systems use multiple open protocol systems to communicate with other networks in your infrastructure, plus manufacturers and clients. This process is advantageous because your automation system can have seamless communication ability, plus enable your existing systems to be integrated into the whole. Our process allows building automation and control systems to be flexible and scalable to integrate any future system too. You will not have to discard existing systems or be concerned about future changes.

The Future Is Here

Building automation systems are the new wave of the 21st century, bringing cost-effective savings to companies and providing the process that allows efficient systemic operations to flourish. Your managers can create set-points and scheduling for specific operations like temperature control and occupancy lighting management. The use of surveillance and detection devices will keep your building’s inhabitants safer and protect you against theft, damage and liability.

Metering, sub-metering and sensor devices can keep a vigilant watch on hidden mechanical operations and alert management when something is malfunctioning. All this data, and more, can be accessed by your management team for a complete inventory of all building operations.

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