How Building Management System Software Can Help Your Business

building management system software

Create synergistic infrastructure integrity with our building management system software.

Did you know that building management system software can integrate your building infrastructure systems in one seamless unit? Building automation companies like Advanced Control Corporation are experts at designing and creating a cohesive bms software system that can manage all of your building’s systemic operations right at your fingertips. With bms software, your management team can access real-time data or stored data, plus they are able to collectively manage several systems at once by sharing feedback processes. 

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There are many valuable benefits to installing advanced building management system software in your building. By centralizing your management system with bms software, your managers have access to every facet of your infrastructure operation. Your managers will have the flexibility to analyze data and make changes when necessary, all from one convenient location, whether on a desktop, tablet, mobile device etc.

Maximize Your Business Potential With a BMS

Our building management system software provides for the alignment of all systemic legacy operations regardless of their manufacturers or vendors. Plus, an open protocol system allows for the interaction of feedback between systems, that provides checks and balances throughout daily operations. Your managers can proficiently optimize all resources by improving efficiency, applications, and sustainability, while reducing waste and high maintenance costs.

Our building management system software can communicate with existing hardware systems in your operation and preserve their integrity. Our bms software systems are scalable and flexible to allow for new integration of hardware, clients, manufacturers, programs and platforms, plus any other changes you may deem necessary.

No pre-existing hardware goes to waste because every system is incorporated into the centralized system for complete management control. This occurs through an open architecture arrangement with various communication drivers, such as a BACnet communication protocol that allows for communication within your facility and on cloud-based devices.

Monitor and Control Entire Systems

An open protocol communication system allows your management team to monitor and control entire systems, such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation, air quality and safety, lighting control, security surveillance systems, fire detection with alarms and alerts, power monitoring, access control and so much more.

You will appreciate the interoperability capability of your building management system software, with its flexible development platform for additions and changes, plus routine scheduling sustainability. We also have more than 200 third-party communication drivers that can be used in case your facility does not have an open communication standard. Our IT friendly system supports email, HTML, Active-X, SNMP, and XML via OPC, LonWorks, BACnet, TCP/IP, Ethernet and Modbus.

Get Superior Graphical User Interfaces

We are one of the leading building automation companies in Florida offering our clients quality products and services. Our experts can design bms software that uniquely suits your building/s and business model. And your managers will appreciate our easy to use graphical user interface, accessed by a personal password, that is customized to meet the individual user’s needs. Our system incorporates streamlined intuitive navigation features that allow for user feedback and is adaptable to other programs and platforms.

Our team of experts will create a customized suite of dynamic color graphics to enhance your building management needs. We also utilize animation features to compliment the user’s feedback and ensure that all important communication is being received, such as real-time CCTV and other security video streaming.

We also provide an array of valuable support services that include: on-line support, system applications, software upgrades, archiving and storage, on-site training, operational support, plus repair and replacement services, emergency service and scheduled inspections.

You can improve the efficiency, productivity, sustainability, and performance of your commercial infrastructure operations with our building management system software.

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