Office Security Systems – What You Need to Know

office security systems

You can safeguard your property with optimal office security systems from Advanced Control.  

When was the last time you upgraded your office security systems? If you have been lax about inspecting your security system operations, you may be surprised to find that some areas may not be in full operation. Some of your security devices, like your CCTV surveillance system, may not be performing properly. For sufficient security protection, your office security systems should be checked on a regular basis.   

Installing a CCTV security system for business is one of the most important aspects of securing your property and tenants against damage, theft, and criminal activity. In this day and age, it is unwise to leave your property and tenants open to security breaches that could wind up costing you a significant amount of liability. Our experts at Advanced Control Corporation can assist you in discussing ways to safeguard your assets and protect human life.  

Security Systems Surveillance 

The first step in securing your commercial building and property is to have one of our experts examine your security system and property to determine where there are vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. We will also make sure that all security devices are in good working order and assess what needs to be upgraded or replaced. 

Having a CCTV surveillance system blanket your property is like having a team of security guards stationed throughout your building and outside areas, only much cheaper. Your CCTV surveillance system will have continual 24/7 surveillance of every area of your property. Surveillance data will be monitored, recorded and stored for future reference, and your managers can also view activity in any specific zone in real time; allowing them to watch lobbies, elevators, parking garages, etc.  

Our state-of-the-art office security systems can also protect valuable IT data and resources from employee tampering and theft. If you suspect inappropriate behavior from one or more of your employees, your CCTV surveillance system will capture all activity that is taking place at workstations and throughout the work areas.  Your CCTV security systems for business will also deter malicious behavior if employees are aware that their activity is being surveilled.  

We also provide cloud-based VSaaS (video surveillance as a service). All surveillance data will include video recording, storage, remote viewing, cyber surveillance and management alerts. Law enforcement can also be notified if there is a breach in security that is deemed dangerous.  

CCTV Surveillance System Activity 

Your CCTV security systems for business utilize a variety of cameras and devices that can include: fixed position cameras, pan/tilt/zoom cameras, and thermal imaging cameras. Each device is specifically designed to perform unique tasks and when integrated with other devices make for a seamless and comprehensive security system.  

Office security systems software must be properly designed (coded) to establish pre and post deployment phases. Employee user input must be confirmed and valid by personal passwords, plus management sessions and access control should be established and monitored. Software should be able to differentiate flaws in the software environment and also perform security checks and upgrades.  

The use of mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, to monitor and manage office security systems can pose a greater security risk to confidential data. There are numerous risk factors involved that must be addressed to avert the occurrence of a hacker disabling the entire security system. 

We are a leader in CCTV security systems for business and our experts understand the importance of designing and building risk-free security systems. If you are interested in building a new security system or upgrading your current one, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660