What Do Building Management Systems Do?

building management systems

Discover how to improve efficiency with building management systems from Advanced Control.

Are you searching for affordable solutions that will cut operating costs and increase efficiency at your commercial property? Advanced Control Corporation’s building management systems allow you to integrate your entire infrastructure as one cohesive unit that will manage energy usage, deploy environmental controls, monitor security, improve systems’ efficiency and also lower your operating costs. We can provide you with intelligent solutions that defy rising energy costs, and promote the kind of sustainability and progress your business needs. 

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You can discover that a building automation system does many valuable things that will benefit your building’s systemic operations and provide a seamless protocol system of checks and balances through feedback processes. Below is a summary of what you can expect when you install a building automation system:

Open Protocol System

We use a variety of open protocol systems that communicate with the various systemic components of your existing base of operation. With our bms software system interface, information can be received and shared with manufacturers, clients and each system in your building. Your management team will be able to monitor and manage systemic entities like the security system, CCTV system, fire and smoke alarms, lighting system, HVAC system etc. Our building management systems create a web of operations that can work independently or in unison with other systems, for complete management capability.

Digital Surveillance

As a part of your building automation system, our team of experts can design and build a security monitoring system that is unique to your building’s needs and vulnerabilities, so that every inch of your building and outside property is monitored. Digital video recording can record all video from closed circuit tv (CCTV) onto a disk drive or other type of memory device. We use multiple types of cameras, each having distinct features, such as: zoom control, license plate capture, thermal imaging and more, to create a complete monitoring and recording portfolio that is labeled with date, time, event and camera location.

Energy Management

Our building management systems also provide power monitoring and control, that oversees all aspects of your power grid and operations. Facets covered by your system can include electrical products and devices, outlet-level power monitoring, power switching controls, power thresholds, fault detection, outages, and more. Energy management gives you the ability to monitor and control power usage of your building and outside property, plus identifies problems within the system that could lead to costly disasters if not detected and corrected early. Your system can monitor trending conditions, evaluate performance, assess disturbances, and establish the exact location, source, frequency and times of disturbances, as a preventive measure against systemic failure. Proper power monitoring and maintenance can also increase efficiency and productivity and decrease costly utility usage and costs.

Lighting Control

A building automation system includes monitoring and managing all aspects of your lighting system. It can monitor output, improve performance, reduce excessive usage, and provide added security both inside your building and outside property. Your management team will have full control to manage all lighting operations that include: dimmers, motion detectors, and switching applications that can shut down lighting on specific times of the day, days of the week, weekends and holidays, or whenever an area of your building is unoccupied. Plus, illumination sensors can be used to determine the amount of light to be emitted at any specified time or location. Lighting management can be based on scheduling operations and also with real time supervision.

Our engineers can design and create a unique building automation system that will prove to be an asset to your business. Your management team will find our bms software a simple to use system that is equipped with exceptional graphical interfaces that help to identify separate entities.

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