BMS System Installation in South Florida  

bms system

Discover how you can reap a wealth of benefits with BMS systems from Advanced Control.  

Did you know that you can improve the performance of your commercial building infrastructure systems and increase productivity too? With a building management system, every function within your building’s infrastructure will be regulated to set priorities and managed accordingly. We are experts at providing intelligent building system solutions that will prove to be one of the smartest business decisions you ever make.   

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How a BMS System Works 

Our engineers can design the ideal bms system that is unique to your property and business model. During the installation of your building management system, our team can begin to integrate every system within your building operation to connect with your bms system so that every system can be monitored and managed properly.  

Your intelligent building system will provide a blanket of services and functions that will enhance the overall performance of systemic operations, including:  

  • heating 
  • air conditioning  
  • ventilation and air quality 
  • fire and smoke protection 
  • electrical system 
  • water system 
  • monitoring and surveillance system 
  • access control 
  • lighting control system 
  • recycling and energy conservation 
  • tenant override 
  • utility monitoring 

Our bms system solutions are scalable and flexible to any future additions and changes that you deem necessary. Your management team will be able to monitor and manage every aspect of your operation through an open integration process of communication and feedback.  

Our intelligent building system software can be accessed through desktop IT, tablet, laptop and mobile devices using personalized passwords for access to data. IT access is available for the management of multiple properties and locations whether you are on-site or off. The same code language is used to connect separate systems that must receive feedback and interact with one another; an example of this is the security system with the lighting system. Your managers will find our bms system software’s graphical interface and open protocol support easy to use, and a valuable asset toward managing your building’s infrastructure systems.  

BMS System Maintenance and Service 

For the effective maintenance of your building’s systemic operations, we provide maintenance and support services. You can begin maintaining your infrastructure integrity with our VAO (visualize, analyze, optimize) software system that can identify problems, inefficiencies and system degradation. Our VAO allows you to identify and address mechanical inefficiencies and also prioritize cost-effective saving opportunities.  

We also provide planned services that include the year-round maintenance protection of your intelligent building system by covering all its operations. We have affordable service agreement packages that include: breakdown avoidance, system optimization, increased equipment life, lower operational costs, improved comfort and safety for building inhabitants, and priority service response. 

We also offer a comprehensive array of other services that include: energy conservation consultation, user training, help desk, software/database archiving and storage, software upgrades, time and material repair and maintenance service. Our preventive maintenance services provide monitoring, testing, troubleshooting, identifying and correcting problems that can lead to systemic breakdowns, equipment damage and financial pitfalls. 

Benefits of Integrative Maintenance 

With our integrative maintenance program, you will be protecting the financial health of your business by mitigating damage, systemic meltdowns and lost production. We maintain the integrity of your building’s systemic life by supporting the proper order and functions of each sub-system. We provide the maintenance, replacement and repair of parts and devices to all systems including lighting, fire and smoke detection, HVAC and air quality, security and surveillance systems, power and electrical grid, water system and much more.  

Our routine maintenance visits allow us to troubleshoot, identify and repair problems before they magnify into damaged parts and systemic failures. To sustain your maintenance budget, we record each maintenance visit and repair service to assist you in managing associated costs. Our team of expert technicians can ensure the early detection of problems and provide preventive measures to avoid future drawbacks. Every area of your infrastructure will be monitored and sustained to provide you with the most cost-effective, productive operation.  

You can learn more about the many benefits of a building management system, and additional services, by contacting Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.