Benefits of Card Access Systems for Businesses

card access systemsProtect employees and tenants with our advanced office security and card access systems. 

 What type of security system are you using to protect your commercial property and employees? With property crime on the rise throughout the U.S. and criminals knowledgeable in outdated security systems, it is imperative that you upgrade your system with smart technology. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in designing and building customized office security systems that will protect your property, assets, resources and building inhabitants.

Many businesses are turning to technologically advanced card access systems that provide a wide array of security measures. Below are some reasons why card access systems should be a number one priority in creating a security system for office buildings: 

Reduce Theft Risk

Traditional key access security is a thing of the past because anyone can lose their key. If a key is lost or misplaced and someone finds it, they can use it to enter your office building or unlock doors to sequestered areas and have privy to confidential resources.  

Utilizing a card access system is a more advanced security system for office buildings because it is failsafe. If an employee loses their access card, it is reconfigured in your security system data as “lost” or “deleted” so that access with that card is now denied and your employee is issued a new card. 

Improved Monitoring

Another great feature of our card access systems is that they store information regarding the card user. Your system will record the name of the card holder, the time and location of use so that you are aware of who was in your building at any given time, especially if criminal activity has taken place. Card access also determines who can enter your building, and where, when and how they enter and exit. 

Increased Security

Your employees and tenants will feel safer with our card access security system for office buildings. If they work late into the night they can feel secure that on one can enter the building without the proper card authorization. Plus, your card access systems can be integrated with your monitoring and surveillance security system, lighting system, alarm system and other important security measures.  

Building Integration

Once your card access system is integrated with your building management system, it will grant you the ability to seamlessly monitor and manage all aspects of your infrastructure, including HVAC, lighting, power source, water, security and other systemic systems. Our card access systems can also be used to automatically provide computer back-up to deter the loss of IT data when there is a computer crash. 

Access From Afar

Our office security systems can be managed via internet and cloud technology whether you are on-site or off. You will be able to access monitoring devices to view all activity taking place within your building and outside property. If you are alerted to any criminal activity, you can apply lockdown measures to secure specific areas or zones in your building and also flood your property with light until law enforcement arrives.

Any Facility, Anywhere Can Benefit

Our card access systems can be used in commercial and industrial facilities, warehouses, convention centers, health care facilities and much more. We ensure code compliance and can integrate multiple entry doors, or buildings, into one cohesive unit. Our office security systems may utilize egress devices, ADA compliant systems, digital keypads, switches, remote access, and much more.  

 It may be time for you to upgrade your security with one of our office security systems to protect employees, tenants, IT data, resources and assets, plus also deter damage, liability and criminal activity. To learn more about our security system for office buildings, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.