The Importance of Utility Monitoring Services for Energy Efficiency

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You can lower operating costs with our utility monitoring services and energy saving strategies.

You can increase efficiency and production, plus eliminate waste and manage utilities wisely with utility monitoring services. When you manage company utilities intelligently, your business and employees receive many great benefits. You can begin to take advantage of these benefits with energy saving strategies from Advanced Control Corporation. 
We are a leader in building management systems and related hardware and software that can effectively improve your building’s infrastructure performance while also saving you a significant amount of money on energy usage. You can learn important utility strategies for energy efficiency from our experts and we also provide monitoring, technical maintenance and support services. The “green” revolution has taken hold of commerce and many new
innovative advancements are available now to bring your company into the 21 st century.

The Future Begins Today with Utility Monitoring

To improve the state of your company’s operations and reap future rewards, you must begin now. Systemic utility monitoring services and operations management can improve the overall performance of all infrastructure systems. Our utility strategies for energy efficiency can optimize production potential significantly and also virtually eliminate wasteful energy usage that is causing high operational costs for your company.

We provide a wide range of energy saving strategies that incorporate the use of scheduling, meters, sub-meters, selective set-points, sensors and other devices that provide safe parameters for operating systems. If our devices detect any movement outside the safe range, your managers are alerted and the issue can be dealt with before it becomes worse and possibly cause a shut- down. When your systems are operating within the safe zone, they are eliminating the excessive use of energy and are optimizing performance and production.

High-Tech Utility Monitoring Services

We can help you manage company utilities and improve overall infrastructure operations with our utility monitoring services. Our team of experts can design and build a system that is unique to your business needs and building requirements, plus our systems are scalable and flexible to allow any future adjustments or additions. Some of the systemic operations that are covered with our utility monitoring services include:

  • Lighting control
  • HVAC system
  • Electrical operations
  • Tenant override
  • Access control
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Chiller plant
  • CO2 monitoring
  • ID and card management systems
  • Production areas
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Conservation strategies

Technology at the Helm

All of your building’s systemic operations can be monitored and managed using a computer workstation, laptop, mobile devices and other cloud technology on our easy to use graphical interface. Intuitive navigation features allow for the user’s feedback and is designed to include other programs and platforms. Each individual on your management team has their own personal password that allows access to the system where they can view operations in
real-time and also analyze stored data.

Our software technology provides dynamic color graphics that easily distinguish between specific areas of operation, locations or clients. The displays provide your managers with identifiable real-time monitoring data for any system on your property. Your management team can adjust and change company utilities operations by providing the proper feedback. They also have access to a consistent view of streaming video surveillance blanketing your property. Every area of operation is covered with our utility
monitoring services.
We provide a seamless integration of utility strategies for energy efficiency with our open protocol system. Your managers will be able to access other companies, manufacturers, clients, and platforms, plus monitor and manage every system at your home base.
For more information about our comprehensive energy saving strategies, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.