Advanced Green Building Automation Benefits

green building automationSave money with commercial green building automation solutions.

Now is the time to consider the many benefits of green building energy management for your commercial property. Green building automation can help you significantly reduce waste and energy usage, especially in a time when utility costs are rising and new sources of energy are still in the making.

Green building energy management systems are built to meet the latest city and state code requirements to improve conservation, sustainability and production. Advanced Control Corporation can create a building management system that uniquely fits your business requirements so that you can enjoy some of the great benefits of green building automation:

Green Energy Efficiency is the Way to Go

Going green can improve energy efficiency and reduce your overall operating costs by as much as 40 percent or more, making it a very popular option for commercial and public properties. Green building automation reduces energy usage and creates an infrastructure system that operates at peak levels of performance to improve production.

Saving money by reducing energy usage is an attractive feature that not only you, but also your tenants, can enjoy. This makes your property an attractive choice for potential future tenants and also helps to retain existing ones. Your green building management system will also add value to your property and can raise the cost (profit) of your rental leases.

Energy efficiency is improved when air leakage is prevented throughout your building envelope so that the thermal environment can be maintained. This is supported by improved insulation used in walls, floors and ceilings and high-performance windows which also help to control air leakage. Windows are effectively placed to take advantage of sunlight that helps to reduce the need for extra heating during winter months. Renewable energy sources, such as solar power, bio-mass, etc, is another great resource that reduces the high cost of energy.

Efficient water management utilizes devices that require less of the natural resource to operate toilets, faucets etc. The recycling of greywater also reduces waste and lowers costs, as does a water chiller system that can cool down floors with steam and reduce air conditioning usage.

Sustainable Development is the Future

A green building automation system creates an infrastructure that has the ability to conserve resources and also benefit the natural environment. At every stage of construction, our experts are creating a system that will deliver comfort, durability, and utility within the confines of your building requirements and budget.

Your green building automation system will establish conservation boundaries on energy, water and other resources. Employee productivity will be enhanced by improving the comfort, health and safety of the indoor environment of your building. And, negative environmental impact caused by pollution and waste will be eliminated with your green infrastructure operation.

New and recycled building materials and devices are also being developed to create a more sustainable environment. Improved materials that contain fewer toxins and do not emit toxic gases into the air are another important component of sustainable development. New and improved ventilation and exhaust systems that keep filtering out stale air along with dust, pollutants, odors, humidity and toxic gases are also a part of green building automation solutions.

Electrical products, such as improved insulation, electrical energy storage systems, cost-effective light bulbs, switching systems and photovoltaic panels are also reducing the high cost of electricity in green building construction.

Advanced Control Corporation and LEEDS

Want a LEED certification? We can prepare your building for LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification by creating all the necessary building requirements. Many public and government buildings have LEEDS certification, which is also evident in most new commercial green construction. We have been a part of creating many LEEDS certified buildings in Florida including government properties and we can design and create a LEEDS standard for you too.

If you would like to enjoy the many benefits of green building energy management, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660 and speak with one of our green building experts.