How Does a Building Management System Work?

building management systemLearn why a building management system is so vital to your commercial property.

One of the greatest assets your commercial property can have is a building management system. Understanding how building management works, and why every system in your infrastructure should be integrated, will give you a thorough knowledge of its importance. Once your building management system is properly installed, you will begin to realize the many benefits that it provides to increase your business success.

With nothing left to chance, your building management system will enhance the efficiency of all systemic networks and provide intelligent solutions that will reduce waste and unnecessary energy usage. Productivity will also improve as your management personnel monitors system data to assure that infrastructure operations are up to par. Some of the many intelligent solutions your management system provides are:

Synergy Through BMS Systems

Synergy is the creation of a united infrastructure that is greater than the sum of its parts. This means that not only are your systemic networks operating properly, but they also perform a check and balance system for other operations. With the ultimate communication system in place, the sharing of information and feedback among networks supports enhanced and effective operations. One example of this is your building security system.

Increase Safety with a Building Automation System

Your management system should be integrated with your building security system to properly monitor and manage one or multiple structures, whether they are situated on one property or several. The dynamic features of your building security system are to provide extensive monitoring and management of all areas of your property, even if they are in blind spots or darkened areas. Multiple surveillance devices make this possible to secure your property, assets, resources and building inhabitants.

If an intrusion detection device discovers a security breach, an alert is sent to the lighting system which immediately floods the area with illumination to ward off criminals and deter criminal activity. This is how synergy works to your advantage to protect your property from damage, IT hacking, employee tampering and theft, and other security breaches.


Without the proper supervision your HVAC system could be causing high energy usage and costs. Besides monitoring and managing the thermal environment of your structure, the HVAC system also controls humidity, air quality, dust, mold, unsafe toxins and gases, and smoke.

Building Smoke Evacuation Systems

Your building smoke evacuation system is a part of your HVAC system, which is integrated to your building management system. This system is required by law to safeguard many types of properties, such as high-rise buildings, hospitals and shopping malls. The building smoke evacuation system determines the origin of a fire and uses exhaust features to push the smoke out of the building, while also using doors and dampers to close off the rest of the building from smoke, until inhabitants can safely escape. A synergistic feature of your management system, in the event of fire, is the use of fire sprinklers connected to your water source.

Building Management Software

With a building management system your managers can access real-time and stored data about all infrastructure operations. They will be able to analyze and pinpoint problems areas that need intelligent solutions before a system failure occurs. Managers can access your system via a computer, mobile device or the internet, whether they are on-site or off. They can interact with your building’s infrastructure, plus other environments and platforms through one easy to use graphic interface.

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