Building Automation Systems Companies: How We Work


building automation systems companiesFind out what makes Advanced ione of the best building automation systems companies in Florida.

If you want the best building automation and control systems for your commercial property, Advanced Control Corporation is your ideal building automation company in Fort Lauderdale. We can show you how to create a safe, cost-effective and efficient infrastructure that will properly monitor and manage your business.

Having the right automation fit for your business is essential in handling all of your operations and we can assess your structure requirements and create a building automation and control systems infrastructure that is ideal for you. Your business will thrive and production will be improved when all systems are operating synergistically as one integrated unit. That is why it is so important that you select the right company when searching building automation systems companies.

Here are some of the essentials that our expert team can create for you:

HVAC Management Makes a Big Difference

 Building automation and control systems provide significant savings to your overall operating costs. Your HVAC system costs can get steep if you aren’t monitoring and managing them efficiently. HVAC controls air conditioning, heating, ventilation, pollution, air quality and comfort, toxic gases, humidity, and smoke from entering or exiting your building.

Your HVAC system should be designed to use scheduling for days and times of the day and week so that your system can be shut off, or lowered, when your building is unoccupied. A good HVAC system uses occupancy sensors to determine when temperature and other factors should be adjusted in specific areas of your building.

Having your HVAC system in full operation day and night is wasteful, unnecessary and expensive. As the best building automation company in Fort Lauderdale, we can create an HVAC system with the proper sequencing to adjust temperature and airflow in unoccupied areas throughout your building at any given time. Plus, your HVAC will be integrated into your building automation system that provides tenant override capabilities if needed.

Building automation and control systems allow your managers to access real-time and archived data to assess any inconsistencies in your operation, and easily manage all HVAC operations. In the event of a fire, your HVAC system can begin to remove smoke from your building and also close off occupied areas so that building inhabitants can safely exit the building.

Your building will be monitored 24/7 and your managers can make any adjustments they deem necessary to keep your HVAC system working efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lighting Control Can Save You on Operating Costs

When you have a good building automation system you can reduce energy consumption and high lighting costs. Be on the right side of energy conservation by allowing your building automation system to monitor and manage your lighting system.

Your system can improve illumination performance and safety throughout your structure and outside property by lighting up areas that are occupied and shutting down areas that are not.

Lighting costs are one of the highest expenditures of commercial buildings, so proper management is essential to reduce unnecessary energy usage. As the best building automation company in Fort Lauderdale, our engineers can install time-clock switching applications to shut off lighting in unoccupied areas during specific times of the day, week, weekends and holidays.

Motion detector sensors are also used to determine if any given area of your building is occupied and requires illumination. All of your building’s lighting circuits will be integrated into one easy-to-manage cohesive unit where your managers can monitor and control all actions.

We are your best bet when looking for great building automation systems companies in Fort Lauderdale. We can show you how to reduce waste, work more efficiently and productively and also save money. Our building automation systems provide actionable management strategies that will benefit you for many years to come and are adaptable to future additions and changes.

To learn more about building automation and control systems contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.