Building Management Technology: Can I Implement in Existing Structures?

building management technologyYou can have peace of mind with a systemic building security system for your business property.

Companies that invest in building management technology will reap the benefits of improved efficiency, lower operating costs and higher production. When all of your building’s systems are working synergistically with advanced engineering features you will begin to realize the advantages of building automation system technology. Advanced Control Corporation can install a building management system into your existing infrastructure that integrates with your building security system to give you a complete model of efficiency and safety.

As an industry leader in Florida, we are experts at designing building management technology that is unique to your building’s needs. We can build a system from the ground up for new structures or integrate one into your existing system. Our systems are scalable to retro-fit into any other system, even newer platforms that may be added in the future. Your system will be an integrated network that can be easily accessed by your managers so that they can implement systems management solutions wherever needed.

Our building management technology connects to every facet of your building’s infrastructure to provide real-time data monitoring, systems analysis, stored data and feedback. Your managers will appreciate the easy-to-use interface and systems graphics that can be accessed on-site or off, through the internet or cloud technology. If you have multiple structures in one location, or several, we can still integrate the entire spectrum into one cohesive unit so that you are reaping the advantages of building automation system technology.

Your building security system should be integrated into the building management system to provide the most advanced basis of security for building inhabitants, assets, resources and property. With intrusion detection devices your system can monitor and store all data of activity taking place within your building and on your outside property. All IT data can be secured against hackers and employees attempting to tamper or steal your valuable IT data.

Digital video surveillance cameras can monitor all activity and zoom in on important information like face detection and license plate capture. Your building security system will also enable your managers to have elevator access control technology in place so that they can steer traffic throughout your building and secure floors and zones that are off limits. Various types of cameras can be used in dark areas and blind spots to monitor and record all activity on your property. This is just a small sampling of the many advantages of building automation system technology.

Building management technology provides you with systemic strategies that will assist your managers in controlling waste and implementing sustainable energy management. Actionable energy management and conservation techniques will lower operating costs and conserve natural resources. Systems technology will help your company save time and money, plus optimize energy performance and improve production. Advanced Control Corporation can design and build your company’s management system based on your systemic operations, needs, goals vulnerabilities and budget. We also provide many services that include training and maintenance in all building management technology requirements. Now is the time to enjoy the many advantages of building automation system technology.

Now you can be in the loop of all activity taking place in your building’s infrastructure systems and sub-systems. We can install building management technology into your existing structure to provide integration and control over every facet of systemic operations in your building, including lighting, HVAC, water conservation, security, fire control, elevator monitoring and access, tenant override capabilities and so much more.

You can have your commercial property assessed for vulnerabilities and strengths and then have a building automation system built to address all of your needs by contacting Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.