How a BMS System Can Cut Your Operating Costs

bms systemYou can cut operating costs, reduce waste and improve efficiency with a bms system.

Commercial buildings carry a large overhead in operating costs that can really take a huge chunk out of profits. As a commercial building owner, you will be pleased to know that a building management system provides many ways to circumvent high operating costs. Having a customized bms system, designed specifically for your building’s needs, will dramatically reduce waste and lower energy costs.

Your building management system will provide undreamed of benefits that will make your building’s systems more efficient and productive, plus provide advanced security measures to your property and building inhabitants. You will be making a smart business move when you agree to install a bms system in your building. Here are some ways you can reduce energy costs and improve infrastructure operations:

HVAC Control

A large part of your building’s operating costs is spent on heating and air conditioning. Advanced Control Corporation has intelligent building management systems that will have your HVAC system purring like a kitten. Your HVAC system controls air conditioning, heating, humidity, pollution and comfort for your building inhabitants. If certain areas or zones in your building are not in use, your building management system will use occupancy controls to determine when to adjust heating or air conditioning. This feature reduces waste and saves money. Your system will be designed with proper sequencing that allows for adjustments in temperature, airflow and lighting when areas are occupied or unoccupied and also gives tenants override capability. Our intelligent building management systems use a synergistic balance that allows all systems including temperature, ventilation, humidity and air pressure to work in unison to achieve the ideal outcome.

Lighting Control

Lighting a commercial building and outside property is one of the highest energy costs to contend with. Having a bms system can effectively manage your lighting system by shutting down lighting when areas are unoccupied, using specified schedules for time of day, days of week, weekends and holidays too. Our intelligent building management systems control lighting functions by using illumination sensors to control the amount of light being emitted in each specific area of your property. Your system will use motion detector applications to determine what areas are occupied or unoccupied and your managers can easily access and control occupancy data, scheduling and dimming controls throughout every area of your structure and outside zones. By reducing the unnecessary use of lighting in your building and outside property you can significantly reduce lighting costs by up to 25 percent.

Power Monitoring

Power monitoring is one of the smartest ways to control high energy costs. Advanced Control Corporation can customize a building management system that uniquely fits your building’s requirements and allows you to monitor and manage energy usage. Real time data, and stored data, can be analyzed to reveal where and when unnecessary energy consumption is taking place. Your managers will be able to pinpoint trouble spots and address issues before they become meltdowns. Your managers will have the ability to maintain every system and identify malfunctions and poor performance, which can result in excess energy usage. And bms system software gives you the power to manage energy usage right at your fingertips through one easy to use IT interface, whether you are on-site or off.

With a customized building management system your company can reduce waste and lower the high costs of energy usage. Your system software provides visualization dashboards so that managers can view graphs, charts, metrics and trending activity. This will allow them to micro-manage every facet of your infrastructure systems to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and improve performance.

If you want to cut down on operating costs and learn more about our intelligent building management systems contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660 and speak with one of our representatives.