Choosing the Best Building Management System for Your Business

best building management systemIs your building security system keeping your property and occupants safe?

How does a commercial building owner determine if their infrastructure has the requirements necessary to operate effectively? If you own a commercial structure and you haven’t upgraded or assessed your system recently, you should do so. With the rising costs in utilities and trending security tools, building owners should have the best building management system available to safeguard their interests.

Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in designing and erecting customized building automation systems that will address your building’s vulnerabilities and systems requirements. We believe that building security systems should be integrated into your automation system and work synergistically with all other networks in your infrastructure. This ensures direct feedback and real-time monitoring and management capability to ensure that every area of your property is secured and nothing is left to chance.

We can customize and retrofit all building automation entities to either stand alone or be integrated with your existing system. We can explain building automation basics to you so that you understand the vital aspects of a well-functioning automation system, plus we can describe the benefits of more advanced entities that you may be interested in. We provide some of the best building management system products available on today’s market that will upgrade your building’s infrastructure and security system.

Our building automation basics will have your building operating at its peak performance level, while also reducing utility usage and increasing productivity. You will realize substantial cost-effective solutions to high energy costs and also be able to monitor and manage every aspect of your building’s functions. Your managers will be able to access every infrastructure system to collect and share data through one single interface in an easy, quick, effective and transparent way.

Building automation systems allow for interactive control of your property through advanced communication connectivity that can integrate to outside networks, sharing data with other platforms and operators. Our building automation basics are adaptable to future expansion and can easily be aligned with existing systems.

Your building’s HVAC system will monitor air quality and maintain thermal settings to keep the building interior comfortable and safe. Hazards such as dust, mold, humidity, gases and smoke can be controlled through our best building management system. Smoke evacuation is an integral part of your system that will contain the smoke to specific areas while being forced to exit the building through the exhaust system. Safe zones will be maintained for building inhabitants until they are able to exit the building. Your building security systems alerts and alarms will notify your management and Fire Department/EMS in the event of a fire.

Building automation basics also includes utility monitoring by using meters, sub-meters and dashboards that will shut down lighting in areas and zones that are unoccupied. Up to thirty percent, or more, is annually spent on lighting in commercial buildings, taking a big chunk out of profits. Your managers will be able to pinpoint problem areas with our best building management system and provide solutions.

Our building security systems are designed to protect your property and building inhabitants from theft, damage and criminal activity. Your managers will have the ability to protect IT data and equipment from employee theft or tampering, hackers, and other types of security breaches. We employ many types of surveillance devices and access control to secure your property.

To find out how you can manage your building more effectively with our best building management system, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.