Access Control Fort Lauderdale 

access control fort lauderdaleHave peace of mind with elevator access control systems in your building.

Have you thought about the security of your commercial building lately and how you can improve it? Technology is advancing at record speed and criminals are smart enough to know that they need to be on top of things to succeed in criminal pursuits. But you can outsmart criminals with Advanced Control’s access control Fort Lauderdale systems.

Every commercial building needs a safety net of advanced security measures to protect your building’s inhabitants, resources and assets. Nothing should be left to chance and that is why your building should be assessed to determine where vulnerabilities and blind spots exist. If you own a public building you may have visitors roaming through all areas of your structure on any given day or evening. You can restrict that transient traffic from roaming throughout your structure by installing access control systems for office buildings.

We offer multiple solutions that will work together to ensure that your building is properly secured and monitored. Elevator access control systems are a primary resource for any structure. It allows your managers to steer traffic through your building and restricts entrance to specific areas and zones. It diverts criminal intent before it becomes actionable by acting as a restrainer that secures your structure. Our access control Fort Lauderdale systems protect against security breaches before they ever happen.

Increase Security with Elevator Control Systems

Elevator access control systems can be integrated into your building management system to work synergistically with other systems in your building. By using new card technology, employees and visitors will only be able to visit specified floors and areas in your building because the information will be imbedded in the card.

Elevators will not allow access to other floors that are not programmed into the card. The cards can also be used for door entry, through the use of a door scanner, to gain access to specific areas of your structure too. Employees and visitors will not be allowed to venture elsewhere but will only have access to what the card determines. Access control systems for office buildings is a sure way to steer traffic where you want it to go and restrict wandering and loitering in your building.

With our access control Fort Lauderdale system your managers will be able to direct employees to their given departments and also other specified areas like the cafeteria, parking garage and elsewhere. This will prevent intrusions into other areas that may be restricted or where employees are working or holding meetings etc. By positioning employees in their respective areas, you can efficiently and effectively secure your building.

Elevator access control systems can function as separate entities but we highly recommend that your system be integrated into your building management system so that your entire security network operates together in unison. With the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) and a variety of video surveillance cameras, we can blanket every area of your building and outside property with detection devices. Areas that have blind-spots, and vulnerable access points will be completely covered by specialized cameras. Infrared cameras can be placed in dark areas to pick up on any activity that may be taking place.

Alarms and alerts can be triggered if there is a security breach and specific areas and zones can be automatically placed on lock-down, including elevators. Your managers will receive alerts and law enforcement too, if necessary. Your access control Fort Lauderdale system will give you, your employees and tenants peace of mind, knowing that your building is properly secured.

If you are ready for the next level in building security contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 and learn more about our access control systems for office buildings.