Energy Saving with Advanced Automation


energy saving with advanced automationLearn how to reduce energy costs with energy efficient building solutions.

Have you thought about energy saving with advanced automation for your commercial building? It doesn’t matter what size commercial building you have; you can reduce energy costs and improve your building’s infrastructure performance with an efficient cost-effective automation system. Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) can show you how to save money on utility costs, minimize waste, reduce wear and tear on mechanical systems, maximize efficiency and productivity, and conserve natural resources. We have energy saving tips that can teach you how to reduce energy consumption in business so that your profit isn’t being wasted unnecessarily.

Our techniques for energy saving with advanced automation can be monitored and managed by authorized personnel in real time, or collected data. By integrating all your systemic networks, your managers can access every system in your building and have them working synergistically to maximize efficiency and productivity. A large part of energy efficient building solutions is utilizing a check and balance system of multiple operations that can show your managers how your infrastructure is operating and what existing problems may be causing unnecessary utility usage and waste. Your managers will be able to share data among systems and receive feedback that can help them discern what areas need tweaking.

A large portion of corporate expenditures is spent on lighting your building and outside property. Knowing how to reduce energy consumption in business starts with your lighting system. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that commercial buildings can save about 30 percent in energy consumption by installing an intelligent lighting system that is a part of their building management system.

You can realize energy saving with advanced automation that shuts down lighting in areas of your building that are unoccupied. An advanced lighting system uses sophisticated sensors, schedules, and occupancy controls to identify and shut down lighting in areas that are unoccupied. Scheduling can be set for days of the week, times of the day, holidays, weekends etc. and also covers outside areas including: exits, ramps, walkways, parking garages and lots, loading docks etc.

Your lighting system should also be integrated with your security system so that if there is a security breach, that area will be flooded with light. This can help scare off intruders, and deter theft and other criminal activity. Alarms can be set in place to alert the proper authorities and also building managers, so that they can help to secure building inhabitants by locking down areas, etc.

Energy efficient building solutions should also cover your building’s HVAC system because a large portion of energy usage is also spent on lighting and heating your building. Energy saving with advanced automation uses thermal set-points to retain the proper temperature setting, and also manages humidity, odors, ventilation, toxic gases and harmful pollutants. Schedules can be set to shut down heating or air conditioning when areas are not in use. Your energy efficient building solutions also uses dashboards, metering, and sub-metering to gauge utility performance throughout your building, and effectively manage utility usage.

Commercial buildings in Florida also have the burden of high heat and humidity from the environment that places added stress on the HVAC system. By utilizing energy efficient building solutions in your infrastructure, you can reduce HVAC utility costs substantially, and also maintain a safe and comfortable interior environment.

We are a leading building automation company in Florida, known for our quality products and services. Our staff is properly trained and qualified to meet the high standard of excellence that we require of them. Together, we can show you how to reduce energy consumption in business with our energy efficient building solutions, and also assist with maintenance and tech support too.

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